Since founding Cambridge House 20 years ago I have never ceased to be amazed at the Canadians who explore for mineable ore deposits in countries around the world. They account for about 60% of worldwide exploration. It is a high risk high reward business. A downward cycle, a dry drill hole, as disappointing as they are, do not stop them. They pick up their rock hammers and target a new project with renewed enthusiasm. Investing in these projects is, to me, all about these "jockeys", the people running them. I greatly value the investment input Cambridge conference attendees receive from speakers and exhibitors. However, in my retiring years I have greatly enjoyed actually visiting projects. Having no geology background I am receiving a remarkable education and I have profited from these experiences. On these trips, my wife and I extend our time away for personal travel. On our last tour to SE Asia we spent five wonderful weeks touring the the Buddha nations. I am convinced that these countries are on the cusp of becoming major new suppliers of resource commodities. I invite you to join us on on upcoming tour to Cambodia and Laos. There is no obligation to invest in the projects we will visit. There is an obligation to enjoy yourself. The group will not be large so check in now. We look forward to touring with you."

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