Zimtu 2011 Road Trip - Munich

Thursday, November 3 and we are in Munich. The Zimtu Road Show takes us to the offices of CM-Equity, a brokerage firm that specializes in resource stocks and, in particular, TSX listed companies that also trade on the Frankfurt Exchange. Germans have a liking for Canadian juniors and a key person who has spent several years in building a book of investors for this market is Michael Kott, CEO of CM-Equity.

Michael, regularly travels from Munich to Cambridge House conferences, particularly the big one in the third week of January in Vancouver. After introductions he treated about 20 of his clients and the Zimtu group to lunch. As I write, the touring companies are now each telling their stories to his clients.

When we entered Michael’s office I noticed he had Thom Calandra’s latest Stockhouse column up on his computer.  He was recently in Columbia to look at a gold project that Thom had also visited and written about.  The attached picture has myself on the left, Michael in the middle and Thom on the right. I asked Michael what he thought about with the latest situation on the G20 conference and the Greece situation. In reply he played a video of the Greek Prime Minister. Here’s the link but if the use of the F…. word bothers you DO NOT OPEN! If it doesn’t laugh as I did.