Paul Harris Spotlight

How was your experience at the International Metal Writers Conference?
Very good. I met a lot of very good people and companies in a packed two days. I always get a lot out of these events.

Our conference video’s will be coming out this week, so any investors that missed your talk will be able to watch it. For anyone who missed our session, could you summarize what you discussed?
I discussed what a mining journalist/writer looks for in terms of projects and companies to follow; my process of identifying companies to follow, information gathering etc and I ended with a list of about ten exploration / development companies that I think are interesting in the Americas

Did you have time to watch any of the other speakers while you were there? Who did you see? What did you think?
Yes, I always try and watch Rick Rule and Frank Holmes as they have very unique and experienced perspectives and they did not disappoint this time around. Other than that, I spent the rest of the time meeting with the companies in the exhibition or at meetings.

Did you learn anything new?
Yes, I always do! It is great to pick up on ideas that other people are discussing and to follow up on them, such as the GDXJ rebalance, Franks' quants and where exploration investment is going.

What companies are you excited about after being at the show?
Toachi Mining, Klondex Mines, Gold Standard Ventures, Trilogy Metals

Are you planning to invest in any of the deals you saw at the conference?
I invested in Klondex and Gold Standard. I am considering Trilogy and Toachi.

Were there any other takeaways from this show that you would like to share?
The bull market seems to slowly be gathering pace again.

Where can our investors find you?

Colombia Gold Report
Mining Journal Latin America