Strategic Investments From Majors 2019

Photo: Strategic Investments From Majors 2019

VRIC 2019 Featured Speaker: Paul Harris

Funding for the junior exploration sector has been very hard to come by in 2018 but strategic investments from majors have continued as has M&A activity. Money has flowed towards established (safer) jurisdictions and away from emerging market jurisdictions, particularly those that are flakier than most.

Why it's Important: Many speakers focus on the technical merits of projects and management teams. Whilst this is undeniably important, project and investment evaluation also has to take into account the particular idiosyncrasies of the legislation and regulations of the jurisdiction in which they lie. I will talk about as the gulf in people’s minds between things and what they are made of expands the ability of developers to adequately make their case to their host governments and communities is becoming a more critical success factor.

The investment opportunity: Having a good read on jurisdiction risk should be a key filter when considering any investment opportunity especially given that a broad-brush approach may not always be effective. Some companies have had success in difficult jurisdictions whilst others have encountered difficulties in those considered successful ones.

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