Published on February 21, 2014
Four of the biggest names in finance face-off to discuss the state of the global economy and where stocks are going. Includes billionaire Frank Giustra, Sprott's Rick Rule, US Global Investors' Frank Holmes and Murray John from Dundee Resources Limited. A must-watch!
Published on August 29, 2013
In a recent interview with resource commentator Jay Taylor, US Global Investors CEO Frank Holmes, provided fascinating commentary on the resource markets and more, as well as a sneak peak of speech items he will be covering at the upcoming Toronto Resource Investment Conference. Frank noted that...
Published on April 2, 2012
Bloomberg announced over the weekend that China’s manufacturing grew at the fastest pace in a year. We follow the government’s Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) closely, as we believe it is a better indicator of China’s domestic demand than the HSBC PMI. Whereas HSBC PMI surveys 400 small...
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