I've Never Done This Before...

Photo: I've Never Done This Before...

Tomorrow, I am making a special announcement.

For the last 18 months, I have received a steady stream of emails from subscribers, just like you, asking me a similar question.

Maybe you have been watching stocks. You’ve noticed that the market has continued to consolidate into fewer and fewer companies until now - only five companies make up 24% of the entire S&P 500 - a scenario we have never seen before - a literal “one falls, and we all fall” scenario. And you’ve begun asking yourself - how sustainable is this?

Maybe you are watching the insolvency of our global superpowers as they continue to print new money from nothing at an eye-watering rate. The United States is set to spend $2 trillion more than it generates this year, running a financial deficit that borders on fiction, and you’ve begun asking yourself - how sustainable is this?

Or maybe you are watching the hot wars breaking out, the tensions rising, and the militaries assembling along borders within every continent on the planet. You understand that for the last 70 years, our world has relied on increasing globalization, diplomatic relationships and trust, but you’ve begun to ask yourself, how sustainable is this?

I can tell you that based on the volume of emails I receive from people trying to make sense of these new complexities, you are not alone.

When times are good, the world is a global marketplace of raw materials - food, energy and metals - the building blocks of civilization.

But when the future is uncertain, and countries can no longer guarantee the sharing of resources, the value of these raw materials skyrockets.

Value is the offspring of scarcity and uncertainty.

For the last three months, my team and I have been building a new venture that will open the door to our new era - and how investors can cash in on the opportunity of a generation.

I am very, very excited to share this with you all. Look out for the email tomorrow morning,