Is Idaho The Next Major Gold Mining Hotspot?

Photo: Is Idaho The Next Major Gold Mining Hotspot?

Most people out there don't own gold. Cryptocurrencies probably impacted demand last year in North America, and retail coin sales took a major beating in 2017. But at the higher levels in the investment community, Idaho's precious metal reserves are definitely on the radar.

The past few years have seen numerous major gold companies like Barrick, Teck and Franco-Nevada up their investment in Idaho. It seems like this would have caused a stir, but with the current malaise in the precious metals markets, Paulson&Co's deal with Midas Gold went largely unnoticed.

Midas Gold (TSX:MAX) is a perfect example of everything that is right about Idaho, and why it could be the next premier gold producing destination in North America. If you want to learn a lot more about why Idaho makes sense right now, check out this informative presentation by Nick Hodge from the IMIC Conference.

The bottom line is that gold is a great industry to dig deeper into, and Idaho could be one of the best places there is to deploy capital out there today.

The Potential of Peak Gold

The idea of “Peak Gold” might as well be written on stone tablets and stored in an obscure museum.

While there are some people talking about how a major decline in gold discoveries could impact the market, peak gold remains a very esoteric topic. The simple fact is that over the last few decades, there haven't been as many exploration successes as in years past.

Given how gold is being treated by investors at the moment, the idea that peak gold isn't a well-known idea should make a lot of sense. The collective ignorance of supply trends in the gold market could be a big opportunity, but picking the right mining jurisdiction is important.

Not only do mining companies need to find economic gold deposits, they need to convince the local and national authorities to allow them to extract the resources they find. This could be one of the biggest advantages that Idaho offers to investors, in addition to its history of highly successful mines, and relative level of underdevelopment.

The Governor of Idaho is very friendly to mining operations, and Idaho ranks in the top ten states for mining development in the USA. As Midas Gold's 6 million ounce+ Stibnite gold project demonstrates, the potential for big deposits is real.

All of this makes Idaho look like a great place to invest, and given the interest by some of the world's biggest gold producers, small investors should be paying attention to the opportunities that could be emerging.

Building Knowledge

Like any up-and-coming mining district, some opportunities will be better than others. Paying attention to the kinds of opportunities that established project developers like Otis Gold (TSXV:OOO) are working on is a good way to learn more about the area, but if you want to gain access to even more information, the upcoming Silver and Gold Summit in San Francisco is an incredible destination.

The Silver and Gold Summit is one of the year's best events for anyone who is interested in learning more about what is happening in the precious metals sector, and where the next big opportunities might be. There will be a host of industry experts and analysts who will give attendees their view on the markets, and help to steer investors to projects that could have real potential.

The Summit will be happening on October 28th and 29th, at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel. If you buy your ticket before the event opens you can save $20 USD off the normal admission price, and secure your spot at one of the most influential precious metals events of the year!