Sprott Symposium Will Gather Top Investing Minds

Photo: Sprott Symposium Will Gather Top Investing Minds

The Sprott Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium is coming up, and it is bringing some of the biggest names in natural resources together in downtown Vancouver.

The symposium will open up on Tuesday the 17th of July and will feature some of the best minds in mining, as well as premier resource producers from across the globe. If you plan on attending, make sure to buy your ticket before June 18th to lock in the best price possible!

Rick Rule, Doug Casey and Jim Grant are on a long list of presenters that will be talking directly with attendees and participating in panel discussions during the event. In addition to mining CEO's like Robert Friedland, Paul Brink and Randy Smallwood, there will be numerous analysts speaking about the latest trends in resources and global markets.

If you are interested in how to best invest in hard assets, the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium is a very unique opportunity. Over the course of the four days, symposium attendees will have to an opportunity to interact directly with natural resource companies that operate at every scale of mining and create portfolio diversification that is hard to match in any other sector.

Changing Market Currents

The last five or ten years have been trying for resource producers. Precious metals have been under pressure since they put in record highs in 2011, and many of the industrial metals have been ignored by the mainstream investing community.

Over the last two years all that has been in flux, and the reality of the resource supply situation is beginning to dawn on industrial consumers all over the world. The cobalt market is a perfect example of what happens when responsible development is ignored, but metals like copper and nickel could run into supply shortages, given how tightly production is concentrated at the moment.

Peak gold is probably a reality, and while this may or may not influence consumer psychology, it will make the major miners hungry for reserves in the next decade. There is probably still a lot of value to be had in the resource shares, and if you want to learn from the pros, the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium is the place to be.

The next week is an incredible opportunity if you are interested, because, now it the time to register, and save a lot of money!

Rising Interest

As Peter Schiff laid out at the IMIC, there is a probably lot to worry about in the bond markets. The 30-year bull market in US debt is likely over, and over the last decade, the developed world has been creating new debt at a feverish pace.

Central banks are in an awkward position, as rising rates could cause problems in consumer-driven economies that need access to cheap debt. There is no way to know for sure where market stress will hit next, but this year's symposium will feature presentations by both James Grant, and Jim Rickards.

Both have been involved in high-level finance for most of their professional careers, and they will join people like Steve Sjuggerud, David Stockman and Grant Williams in Vancouver. Cambridge House is proud to be an exhibitor at the symposium, and hope that you will come by to talk to us there. We would be glad to hear your thoughts on the resource markets and talk about the upcoming Silver and Gold Summit we are hosting in San Francisco.

Make Time To Learn

If you are interested in attending the Sprott Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium, it makes sense to reserve your space now. Buying your ticket before June 24th will lock in the lower price of $599, which saves you hundreds off the normal price of $899. The symposium will be opening on July 17th and will run through Friday, the 20th of July.

It will all be happening at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, which is located at 900 W Georgia St. in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Sprott Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium promises to be one of the best learning opportunities for investors of the year, and we hope to connect with you there!