Mining Shares Could Keep Rising On Global Cues

Photo: Mining Shares Could Keep Rising On Global Cues

Legendary investor Jim Rodgers muses that it has never been easy to make money.

For those of you that don't know him, he founded the first hedge fund, ever, with a partner named George Soros.

This all happened back in the 1970's, right after President Nixon decided to stop redeeming US Dollars for physical gold, effectively ending the last vestiges of the gold standard that emerged after WW2.

Much of what is currently published in the financial press is a result of the Post-Volcker financial world order.

After he saved the US Dollar in the early 1980's the investing world has been laser focused on interest rates, and a monetary policy that puts central banks in a position where they can meaningfully affect the global economy.

Today there is the very real chance that the global power structure is shifting. Old organizations like the SWIFT system are being pressured by cryptos, and Western Europe is desperate to cut a deal with Russia that involves access to badly needed energy supplies.

Take that Yalta!

This all puts a lot of pressure on the global reserve currency, which in turn, means that mining shares could become the next hottest thing.

There Are A LOT of Options

David Morgan has been making money in resources for a long time.

In this interview from the most recent Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC), David talks about what he does best. Mining is a tough business, and if you are going to make money investing in resource shares, you need to have access to great information.

For every winning company there are a number of drillers who won't make a penny, so do your homework before you sink any money into the market.

Stories Don't Sell For Much On The COMEX

It is easy to get caught up in the hype when it comes to mining. Stories of gold have driven people to the ends of the earth, and cost many their lives.

At the end of the day, a successful mining company has to recover a valuable material, and make a profit doing it. While this seems easy, any mining insider will tell you how hard it is to take a great resource into production.

Lead times on a new mine are measured in years. In developed nations where corporate rights are respected, the environmental permitting process can add a new dimension of difficulty to the process.

This makes the management team a crucial component, so that the stories that drive investment end up yielding a profit for the people that back a project.

The Best Stocks Make The Most Money

If you think that the recent strength in precious metals share is here to stay, the upcoming International Mining Investment Conference (IMIC) in downtown Vancouver is a great resource for you.

It will be happening on May 15-16, at the Vancouver Convention Center East. There will be numerous precious metals investment experts like Peter Spina, David Morgan and Jason Hamlin sharing their thoughts. As well as industry leaders like Frank Holmes and Peter Schiff.

Registration for this year's IMIC is open right now, and if you pre-regester, your admission will be free!