Meet 1 on 1

Meet 1 on 1

Join industry leading fund managers, analysts, investment advisors, newsletter writers, C-Suite executives, media and more in the Deal Room at the Silver and Gold Summit and start requesting 1 on 1 Meetings Today.

Who may register: Portfolio and fund managers, institutional and private equity investors, private money managers, family offices, accredited investors, and buy-side analysts. You must be serious about investing!

All meetings will be assigned to our private deal room located just down the escalators from the show floor in Golden Gate 6/7, complete with hosts and coffee service. Upon meeting confirmation by both parties through Meetmax, a table number will be allocated within the Deal Room. Meetings are set in 20min increments.

Please note, the Cambridge House Deal Room is strictly for companies to meet with investors. It is NOT to be used for solicitation.

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