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“Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to errors that counts”

- Nikki Giovanni

Don Durrett

You’ve written an entire book on how to invest in mining companies, give us the inside scoop.

“I had to learn on my own how to invest over the course of 6 years and this is all my knowledge put into a ‘textbook’ for newbies”

What is your process for selecting stocks?

“Go for outsized returns”

“I focus on future gold and silver prices”

What are some stocks that are catching your eye?

“G2 Gold Fields, Big Ridge Gold, Labrador Mines”

Gold and silver predictions?

“The bear market is not over”

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Gary Wagner

What is good trading advice for today's market?

“Find a financial advisor you trust through friends and family”

“Diversification is the #1 rule”

Stocks or ETFs that are catching your eye?


What kind of action would we need to see from our government to bring us down from today's inflation?

“It has to be a series of things that happen over 3-5 years”

“It’s going to be a difficult task at best”

Inflation predictions for 2022?

“It will go up over 8% maybe ever 9.1%”

Any further predictions for 2022?

“Globally we have lived through a few very difficult years, the only thing I want to suggest to the investment community is to not take too great of risks. Happiness and health are the number one issues”

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