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“If you really want to get along with somebody, let them be themselves”

Willie Nelson

This week on The Cambridge House Show, we have Mark Yaxley reporting live from the gold vault in the Grand Caymans and crypto legend Jordan Fried giving us a sneak peek into his book as well as the inside scoop on how to get started in the digital investing world!

Mark Yaxley

Where are you right now?

“I am in the Grand Caymans in our gold vault”

Bars vs. Coins, weights and values?

“Coins are more affordable if you’re just getting started”

“A kilo gold bar is the size of an iphone and it’s worth about $65,000 USD”

“A 400 OZ gold bar is the largest available on the market and it is worth about $800,000 USD”

Are these all the best of the best quality-wise?

“Karat is a jewelry term, we use the terms 3/9’s or 4/9’s which means 99 or 99.9% pure”

What does it take to actually buy physical gold?

“You need to ask yourself what kind of metal am I going to buy and how much”

“You should think about allocating 5-10% of your portfolio to precious metals”

What are some good companies to buy from?

“SWP, Kitco, Silver Gold Bull etc”

What are the fees involved?

“Firstly, think about security”

“Average cost is about .5% up to 3% a year per value for gold”

“Silver is about 1%”

Any further advice for Jr Investors?

“Just start, I wish I started earlier”

Where would we find you to learn more?

“SWP Website or YouTube series ‘Inside The Vault’”

Jordan Fried

Immutable Holdings

How did immutable holdings get started?

“I was a crypto kid who got started with BTC in 2013”

Where’s your company headed?

“We are based in Puerto Rico but we are publicly traded in Canada”

“We want to show that we can trade anywhere”

What can we find in your most recent book?

“It’s my own entrepreneurial journey and it helps explain how to get started in crypto”

“Blockchain and BTC are incredible stories”

“These things are more important now than ever as inflation hurts those who store their wealth in checking and savings the most”

“I want this to be a starter guide or textbook”

What is the best way to get started in crypto?

“Try and look at it through the lense of a child”

“PayPal and cashapp are already digital currency we just don’t see it that way”

“ and type in ‘blockchain’ you can attend university level classes for free”

“YouTube, look for BTC and blockchain videos”

“ CNBC, Bloomberg Crypto”

What are some coins beside BTC that are catching your eye?

“I like being really early to trends”

“There are trends in this space, look at decentralized, autonomous organizations”

What is catching your eye in regard to NFT’s?

“It is a way to authenticate art or possessions, when you buy art from a gallery it may be a print or a copy, but with NFT’s they are coded so you know that you own that piece”

“An NFT is a digital property right”

“Go to and check it out”

Where can we find you to hear more?

“Google my name to see what interviews I have done”

“Twitter @jordanfried and same with instagram”

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