With a particular interest in the business and financial world, Vin Maru graduated from Brock University in 1995 with an Honours Business Administration Degree in Finance.   He then went on to found a computer consulting and sales business focused on internet related technologies before deciding to follow his passion and focus solely on becoming an investor, trader and analyst. As a self taught private investor and analyst with over 15 years of experience, he first focused on technology but in 2004 he started investigating the investment case for gold and the causes for its sudden rise in price over the prior few years.  This led him down the path to understanding Austrian economics and the Austrian business cycle theory (ABC).  Suddenly, all of the economic booms and busts, housing bubbles, credit markets, banking & investment leverage, derivatives, sovereign bonds and more made crystal clear sense.  It all came as a result of expansion and contraction of “Fiat Paper” as money. Realizing that these currency units will one day become worthless, he gravitated toward gold as the only alternative for sound money and wealth preservation.

He realized the world financial markets were at the beginnings of "the next biggest boom" in commodities and "the even bigger bust" to follow in the financial system and paper currencies.  Over seven years ago he decided to focus and become an expert on precious metals and has never looked back since he was "discovered" trading his accounts from the beach in southern Mexico by Jeff Berwick.

He now wants to bring his wealth of knowledge and experience to TDV Golden Trader subscribers which include the following:

  • 6 years of experience in educational based internet and multimedia technologies

  • 15 years as a private investor and market analyst including stocks, forex, ETFs, futures, options, private placements and warrants

  • Self taught precious metals analyst with seven years experience analysing mining companies and commodities using fundamental and technical analysis

  • Daily research and constant communication with industry experts & representatives of mining companies, continuously attending industry conferences, mines and trade shows

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