Ryan Irvine is the founder of KeyStone Financial (www.keystocks.com), unique in the Canadian financial services sector as a truly independent stock market research advisor for individual Canadian investors and institutions. KeyStone analysts follow a strict growth/value at a reasonable price (GARP) model to find the best individual stocks to recommend to clients. Each year our analysts look at every stock in Canada (approx. 3,500) and over 4,000 in the U.S. to uncover great businesses you can find nowhere else. KeyStone helps investors take a long-term approach to their portfolio, making ongoing specific recommendations on when to BUY a stock, how long to hold, and when to sell. With these recommendations, clients use a discount brokerage to help them build simple, cost-effective 15-25 stock portfolios designed to beat the market.

Mr. Irvine has a BBA in finance, authored a nationally syndicated financial column for ten years, which appeared in well-known Canadian publications including The Vancouver Province and Calgary Herald, and contributes to the Investor's Digest and Gordon Pape's Internet Wealth Builder. Irvine also appears as a regular guest on Canada's most listened to financial radio show MoneyTalks with Michael Campbell, has appeared on BNN, and speaks at financial conferences across North America.

KeyStocks.com is well known for recommending to its clients some of the best-performing stocks in Canada and the U.S., including the best-performing stock in Canada over the past decade, The Boyd Group (BYD: TSX), for an over 12,500% return, the best-performing stock on the TSX over the past 5-years, Hammond Power (HPS.A: TSX) a profitable electrification stock which is now up 13,500% over the past two decades, and Xpel Inc. (XPEL: NASDAQ) a completely unknown small-cap stock which has returned 3,850% in the last 6-years.  Visit www.keystocks.com for more details.

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