Michael Levy’s background makes him uniquely qualified to stand as one of Canada’s best commentators on today's volatile economic environment.

First, he has substance. His real-life, front-line experiences in business have taught him how to make the most of challenging market environments. His business experience includes:

Foreign exchange experience with 17 years in the industry as a currency specialist. 

Business experience as hands on owner and as an executive vice president of Custom House Global Foreign Exchange until his retirement from the industry in 2006. 

Investment market experience as a business analyst and investment executive with Conti Commodity, Refco Futures and Midland Walwyn.

Industry experience as a gold specialist and owner of his own precious metals business for 44 years.  Michael Levy is known as the Dean of Canadian Gold Dealers and his business, Border Gold Corp., is the largest Royal Canadian Mint direct distributor of Gold Maple Leaf coins in Canada.

Michael Levy is well known for his plain talk economic presentations.  Currently he speaks throughout the U.S. and Canada on the economy.  He is the Business analyst for CKNW/980 and the CORUS Radio Network and makes frequent appearances on both CTV and Global.  44 years in the markets as both an owner and analyst well qualifies him to comment on today’s economic environment.

This combination of financial, business and media experience gives Michael Levy the rare ability to present exactly what his audience needs to hear in a way that makes the information engaging, entertaining and memorable. His presentations are known for their astute economic analysis presented in plain English. 

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