Jonathan Goodman, P.Eng., CFA, MBA is President and CEO, Metaform Investments, a made-in- Canada private equity style investment firm focused on partnering with under-supported businesses in the mining industry. Launched in 2016, Metaform leverages the deep financial, business and operations expertise of Jonathan and his partners to de-risk and develop strong, sustainable mining companies, enhance social responsibility, increase their value, and ultimately achieve significant returns for investors. Jonathan Goodman has over 30 years mining investment and operating experience. He has worked as a geologist, senior analyst, portfolio manager and senior executive, operating a mining company, leading a mining-focused investment banking group, and building extensive knowledge and relationships in the global mining resource and finance sectors over a distinguished career.

Jonathan was the President and CEO of Dundee Precious Metals (DPM) from 2004 to 2013. Prior to that, Jonathan ran Dundee Precious Metals the closed end fund. Jonathan led the team in the conversion of DPM from an investment fund into an operating gold mining company, which included identifying the assets in Bulgaria, performing the due diligence, purchasing the assets, and then building a world class team to develop them. He was also President and CEO of a Capital Markets business and was one of the founding Partners of Goepel Shields and Partners, an investment firm.

Jonathan has held the role of Executive Chairman of DPM since April 2013 and is a Director of several publicly traded resource companies. He has been an insightful advisor on many mining deals.

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