Jeremy Chan-Hao Wang is a UAS and hybrid rocket propulsion researcher, engineering designer, and entrepreneur who sees technical mastery as well as leadership skills as mission-critical to the engineering profession.  


As Director of Defiant Labs—the advanced research wing of The Sky Guys—Jeremy spearheads AI-enabled drone and software innovation focused on saving time, cutting costs, and decreasing risk for long-range inspection and monitoring applications. Jeremy is also Executive Director and Senior Engineering Designer for the University of Toronto Aerospace Team (UTAT) where he leads strategic planning and engineering oversight of more than 85 students designing drones, rockets, satellites, and educational outreach initiatives, in addition to the growth of an $18M global sponsorship portfolio.


He has served as a concept development advisor to the Department of National Defence since 2014, been a space systems and policy researcher with the Space Generation Advisory Council to the UN since 2015, designed next-generation rocket nozzles for the German space agency, published 10 papers on rocket propulsion and space policy, and designs and facilitates leadership development workshops with the Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering. 


His mission is to mobilize the technological, business, and inspirational potential of aerospace to empower society. His vision is a world where all individuals and organizations understand their needs, and are effective, efficient, and passionate about what they do. Jeremy is a fourth-year BASc Engineering Science candidate at the University of Toronto, and was selected as one of Canada’s “The Next 36” in 2016.

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