Markus has a passion for applying technology and data to improving farm management, both for profitability and sustainability.  Markus grew up on a large mixed grain and cattle farm near Camrose, Alberta, where he implemented electronic tagging of the cow-calf herd and early adoption of variable rate fertilizer.  He earned agriculture, law and MBA degrees from the University of Alberta.  He is an agricultural consultant at Serecon, a mid-size independent agricultural consulting firm in Edmonton. As a Professional Agrologist, he has completed projects for a large variety of clients, often with emphasis on sustainability and modelling/quantification.  For the past two years, he has leveraged his networks in agribusiness and passion for precision farming to establish LandView Drones.  LandView, originally farm management software, now combines sensor technologies for crop health imaging with unmanned robotic aircraft and necessary software. While actively bundling today’s technology for immediate use on farms, Markus is a realist and sees some of the current limitations of the technology, in addition to its huge opportunities. For that reason, he also collaborates with others to help develop the new sensors and data/workflows that are needed to make this technology more widely useful to growers and agronomists.

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