Starting in 1984, after a successful six year career with Geac Computers where he was lead developer on the Geac Financial System, American Financial System, and the Bank of America Signature Capture and Retrieval system, Greg co-founded Prologic (which became Fincentric/Open Solutions) where he was co-architect and co-developer of PROBE, RBS and Ovation.
In 1995, he was recruited by Microsoft in Redmond, WA as Partner Architect and Product Unit Manager, in the Windows engineering organization building key components of the Windows Server and Tools business which now does over $20B in annual revenue and operates on over 1 billion Windows PC’s worldwide every day. His “Ship It” awards include Transaction Server, VB5, NT4 Option Pack, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, SQL Server 2000, Visual Studio .Net and the .NET Framework. His other activities while with Microsoft included numerous cross company technical initiatives in Enterprise Computing, Schema and Programming models. Greg also lead technical due diligence on the Great Plains and nCompass acquisitions and performed many keynotes and talks at industry conferences including a live TV appearance on CNN with Bill Gates. Greg is also co-inventor and patent holder on various products.
After leaving Microsoft, he formed Hope Media House with his son Owen Hope, where he is still actively involved. Greg most recently was named to the Board of Directors of Sora Capital Corp., and appointed Chair of the Investment Advisory Board. Sora is an active investor in two SaaS properties, a team management service, and an online tutoring platform.

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