Keith Schaefer is Editor and Publisher of the Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin. The Bulletin subscription service finds, researches, and profiles growing oil and gas companies that Mr. Schaefer buys himself, so Bulletin subscribers know he has his own money on the line. Mr. Schaefer identifies oil and gas companies that have high growth rates, or have the potential for that - this usually means they have a large undeveloped land position in an area where either production costs are very low or production rates can be very high. They are covered by several research analysts, so there is research support and institutional money flow behind them. There is tremendous potential to profit in oil and gas companies for informed investors. Technology has transformed exploration in both oil and natural gas in three short years. New plays in old locations are opening up huge profits for producers and their shareholders. And high-impact international plays are starting to benefit from these new technologies as well. For subscription information, please go to the Oil and Gas Investments website.

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