Colin has been in the capital markets industry advising on, and managing, financial assets for clients since 2002. Throughout his career, Colin has worked for various multi-billion dollar, multinational financial firms.

Seeking to better serve his clientele, and to create a firm free of the conflicts-of-interest-inherent in firms which underwrite issuing companies, Colin began to operate independently in 2011 and founded StableView Asset Management in 2012. Colin has a solid track record of returns for institutions and individuals in Canada.

StableView’s independence and increased institutional resources have increased his ability to mitigate risk and maximize returns for his clients.

Prior to his career in the capital markets, Mr. Fisher owned and operated an advertising agency with a client base that included global Fortune 500 companies. His clients included international consumer packaged goods, consumer electronics, logistics, alcoholic beverages as well as highly technical business to business advertising and marketing campaigns.

Prior to that, Colin was the President of a technology start-up which enable large companies, with large geographically dispersed sales forces to utilize the nascent internet. This technology also enabled the efficient management and maintenance of their databases with various levels of internet service. This same firm also enables companies which were moving their catalogs to online shopping, during a period when the internet speeds were unable to properly deliver the rich media needed for online shopping.

Colin started his career working as an account manager dealing with a logistics, transportation, equipment and labour for large events throughout Canada.

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