Founder and President of Outsider Club, and Investment Director of Early Advantage, Nick Hodge is well-known for a “call it like you see it” approach to money and policy. Co-author of  two best-selling books on investing, his insights have led to numerous appearances on television and in various outlets on the Web, including the Business News Network and Yahoo!'s Daily Ticker.

In Like Minded People, Nick shows readers how to make money as well as protect and spend it, offering his musings on productivity, taxes, food, the outdoors, and other strategies he uses to get ahead in his own life. In Early Advantage, he gives thousands of investors an early-in to stocks on the verge of something big.

When he's not writing, investing, or flying around the world to meet with company executives, Nick can usually be found in a boat on the Eastern Seaboard or on a Maryland farm pursuing the outdoor activities he grew up with and continues to love.

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