Let's get down to business; I don’t have time to play around what is this.

Photo: Let's get down to business; I don’t have time to play around what is this.

Last week I wrote about some bull market signals I was watching in the gold sector.

I’ve got another one for you.

We are 21 days away from our annual Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, and we have sold 105% more tickets this year than we had last year.

I am not boasting. I am asking a question…

Why do twice as many people want to attend a resource investment conference this year compared to last year…?

In addition to the many deep dives we will host on stage into the supply and demand of precious metals and base metals, here are a few features I am excited about.

Capital Gains No Matter What

There are always fires burning in the world - today, maybe more than usual. Chaos abounds. Historically, this is when legacy fortunes are created.

In our Follow The Money Feature, I will sit down with individuals who have built and invested in creating several billion-dollar businesses - not once or twice, but collectively over 25 times over the course of 4 decades. These individuals consistently find value whether the market is good, bad, or sideways. Some familiar names will include Frank Giustra, Ross Beaty and Rick Rule.

What are they Thinking?

Last week I watched a video of Larry Summers, who served as President Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury, reclining on a tropical beach while instructing the need to increase unemployment to tame inflation.

Some thoughtful comments asked whether destroying jobs to rescue the economy might one day be compared to the 1700s medical practice of bloodletting to rescue the patient.

I am always curious about the psychology of the decision-making of our elected leaders.

So at the VRIC, I will sit down with two former Premiers of Canada, Premier Christy Clark and Premier Brad Wall.

Go Woke, Go Broke

Germany and France were to lead the world away from fossil fuel economies and towards the abundance of renewable energy. Instead, their neglect of base-load power sources scored some easy moral virtue points but left their economies dangerously vulnerable.

In December, France qualified 2.6 million people for “wood-specific energy vouchers” - cash to buy firewood. Last week the NY Times reported that thousands of people across Germany have reopened sealed-off fireplaces and installed wood-burning stoves to heat their homes.

In July, the European Union voted to keep natural gas and nuclear energy within its taxonomy of sustainable energy sources.

Last week, German Finance Minister Christian Lindner called to lift the country's fracking ban.

The tide has turned heavily in favour of natural gas and nuclear.

To understand the natural gas landscape, I will sit down with Ford Nicholson, who co-founded Nations Energy (sold for $1.9B), co-founded Bankers Petroleum (sold for $575M) and served as the Deputy Chairman of Interoil (sold for $2.5B).

He knows a few things about supply and demand in the energy sector and has recently launched his next venture focused on European natural gas supply.

I have also created over 5 hours of content exclusively focused on generating capital in the uranium and nuclear power industries.

In addition, I have jammed this agenda with debates on where capital will flow in 2023 - a great rotation is taking place, and investors are looking for value.

Tickets are still available here. This year’s VRIC is set to be a barn burner - don’t miss it.

Jay Martin
CEO, Cambridge House