The Congressman and the Bodybuilder

Photo: The Congressman and the Bodybuilder

This week I sat down with both a past US Presidential Candidate and an ex professional bodybuilder.

I have an amazing job.

The Libertarian Godfather Dr. Ron Paul joined me on the show to cover every hot button issue we could think of - from American civil unrest, COVID19, immigration policy and more.

I've never been able to put myself in a political box - I'd prefer if we could choose our public policies a la carte. Regardless, libertarians represent an important core value of mine - sovereignty - Personal freedom of thought, expression and action. We are governed by rules that were imagined by other humans, some are good, all should be questioned.

It is a freeing thought - the understanding that every law, tradition and social expectation are the constructs of some else's imagination - and if we were to dive into the nuances of why certain imaginations became our reality over others, you may end up believing it's virtually random.

Who can guess the author I am reading right now...? (Hint, it's not Taleb)

Watch my chat with Dr. Ron Paul Here

I also sat down with former fitness competitor and best selling author on everything from intermittent fasting to hormone optimization - Jay Campbell.

Jay and I discussed the endocrine crisis - the silent environmental factors that are causing major drops in mens testosterone levels. Testosterone is often paired with images of aggressive gym rats, but testosterone production impacts our cognition, sense of adventure, curiosity, and happiness. From plastics in the food and water supply to exposure from computer screens "Our endocrine system's are under siege." - Jay Campbell.

We talked about some cutting edge functional medicines that are on their way to the market, with hormone health in the crosshairs. Functional medicine is an industry that I am keeping a very close eye on.

Check out my interview with Jay Campbell Here

My third guest of the week was Geralde Celente. I've received dozens of requests to have Gerald on the show and he was a pleasure to interview. He was steadfast in both his "This century is for China" rhetoric, and why the Fed has backed themselves into a corner with interest rates. We talked about emerging markets, traded ideas on what the media will talk about after COVID, and got his top leading indicator for trend spotting.

Watch my interview with Gerald Celente

It's Friday Ladies and Gentleman. Have an amazing weekend, and get that cheat meal in :)