Rick Rule Takes the Muzzle Off

Photo: Rick Rule Takes the Muzzle Off

As we prepare for the weekend, here are two of the more interesting interviews I hosted this week.

This Legendary Investor Can Now Say What He Really Thinks

This week I caught up with the newly independent Rick Rule - Rick has been the face of Sprott US Holdings for as long as I have worked in this industry, where he oversaw close to $18 Billion in assets under management.

When the commodity market began crashing in 2011, Rick promised his clients he would see them through bear market before stepping aside. With this mission accomplished, he is now passing the torch to the next generation at Sprott.

In his quasi retirement, the legendary investor will now focus on managing the money of one incredibly wealthy private client - himself.

No longer muzzled by corporate regulation, Rick is free to speak his mind and talk his book. In this interview he shared some of his more controversial stock tips.

Watch the interview here.

Combatting the Digital Occupation

By 2025, the cost of Cyber Crime will rise to $10 Trillion. Hackers are getting smarter. As the digitization of our lives increases, so will the the target for attacks. But the real targets won't be civilians - the hostile invasions and military occupations of the future will happen online, behind the scenes.

Plurilock Security is a cyber security company that uses AI to create a unique digital fingerprint - let me simplify - we are all familiar with facial recognition's ability to unlock our iPhone. Plurilock has built proprietary behavior recognition, allowing a computer to continuously evaluate the movement and cadence of your digital activity, creating a digital behavior fingerprint. Continuous authentication, affirming you are who you claim to be, all happening behind the scenes.

Too invasive?

For you, maybe, but not for the US Department of Homeland Security - one of Plurilock's key clients.

Plurilock Security ticks a couple of important boxes for me - they provide an opportunity to make an uncrowded bet into a colossal ($10 Trillion) industry.

I expect a lot of "me too" companies to jump on this bandwagon in the next couple of years, but for now, PLUR has the first mover advantage.

Watch the interview here.

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