PM Stephen Harper: "We didn't have a financial crisis, this was a deliberately mandated recession."

Photo: PM Stephen Harper:

Good morning everyone,

I spent the weekend in the editing booth and am excited to share some early releases from last weeks event. All content is hosted on the Cambridge House YouTube Channel.

New video releases:

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper
on how our current economic crisis was orchestrated, and why no-one knows how this game will end: WATCH

Doug Casey on what speculators, assassins and narcos have in common, and his forecast for a generational wealth creation opportunity: WATCH

Rick Rule on the most common mistakes that retail investors make, and why he always ends up with the money: WATCH

Ross Beaty
on the Commodities to Win in 2021: WATCH

Mike Maloney
on how Central Banks will steal your purchasing power to "keep the music playing" for a little while longer... WATCH

There will be fresh content released daily on the Cambridge House YouTube Channel - the best venue for all things money and markets.