Eclipse Gold Mining and Northern Vertex Mining Merger

Photo: Eclipse Gold Mining and Northern Vertex Mining Merger

A quick company update:

I started building a position in Eclipse Gold Mining (TSX:EGLD) in the summer. They were a single asset explorer in Nevada - highly speculative, but I loved the management team and the money behind the deal.

I've since had the CEO Mike Allen on the show and covered the company in depth in my September 2020 newsletter.

Last week, Eclipse put out some very significant news. I invited Marcel de Grooot, Eclipse Chairman and co-Founder of Pathway Capital on the show to explain what this merger with Northern Vertex means for Eclipse shareholders.

The combined company will feature a new integrated Board of Directors comprised of Douglas J. Hurst (Eclipse) acting as Chairman, Geoff Burns (Maverix Metals/Northern Vertex), Michael Haworth (Greenstone Resources/Northern Vertex), Marcel de Groot (Eclipse), David Farrell (Northern Vertex), Kenneth Berry (Northern Vertex), and James M. McDonald (Northern Vertex).

Watch the interview here