I am Arming the Rebels

Photo: I am Arming the Rebels

I get ten workouts in per week. If I don’t, I go crazy.

I run aggressive trails, I lift heavy. I kickbox at a little hole in the wall gym, with a bunch of knuckleheads that try and take my head off. I am a 36 year old, white collar father, there is no reason for me to train like that.

I have stubborn genes - still clinging to a primal, survival of the fittest instinct. When I look in the mirror, I need to see a weapon. I know, that's ridiculous.

But it comes down to confidence. To me, confidence comes from the ability to handle a crisis, and I think about my mental and financial confidence the exact same way.

In business I cut my teeth with my back against a wall. I’ve had staff walk out, I’ve been in hostile feuds, I’ve been sued, and I have fought off bankruptcy twice. Once, in a moment of desperation I took a loan from the grey market - from the kind of people you don’t want to not pay back.

I don’t recommend these paths. But walking through fire is how you learn what you are made of.

We’ve all touched that flame. It is the best and worst part of life.

Because of my experiences, I know what kind of crisis I can handle. I know I’m good. That is confidence. It’s not endemic - it is earned. Through pain and growth - you can’t fake it.

You need to get knocked down - You have to get blindsided. Because if you can get back to your feet - you will have a new experience to draw on. A source of strength. A tool to leverage, weaponize if you need to, or just hold in your back pocket and know that it is there.

The New World Order

There is a paradigm shift occurring - it doesn’t matter what side of the fence you sit on. The world is irreversibly different than it was only 6 months ago.

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”

Vladimir Illyich Lenin

Every one of us lived through the above quote in the Spring of 2020. But none of us know where the world will end up in the Spring of 2021.

Whatever is coming next - another shelter-in-place lockdown, a global insolvency crisis, or worse - there are steps you can take to fortify your life.

I selfishly use my business to scrape the insiders' tactics and strategies, find the trades that “big money” sees first, eavesdrop on conversations of the most influential people I know - and then through my Youtube channel and newsletter, democratize this information for my subscribers.

Because, don’t be fooled - it is not a level playing field out there.

I am arming the rebels.

On November 23, 2020, I will be chairing a full day event with people who have seen more than I have, stacked up more experience than I have, won and lost more than I have and built massive fortunes by striking hard and fast during times of uncertainty.

This event will not be held on a clunky virtual conference software. There will be no virtual trade show. My readers know that I balked that concept from Day 1. This decision actually cost me dearly, I had staff walk out on me for not taking the “low hanging fruit”.

They were convinced we should do the “obvious thing” - what everyone else is going to do - host a traditional conference, on a virtual platform.

But I have no desire to attend a “virtual trade show.” So I am not going to build one and sell it to anyone - investors or companies. That is a smoke and mirrors business. Don’t be fooled.

Everyone is doing it, and no-one is enjoying it.

This event will be held in my very own personal convention centre - my youtube channel. Available for anyone to learn and consume. I am arming the rebels, after all.

So on November 23, I am hosting The Gold Summit: War Stories from the Vault, for our 108,000 subscribers.

I will be speaking with entrepreneurs and investors who have walked through fire to create billions of dollars in wealth. They will be sharing their playbook for building net worth in 2021.

Joining me will be:

A billionaire who has sat behind closed doors at the White House, and revolutionized the commodities business.

The author of the #1 Best Selling book in Macro Finance this year.

The newest rockstar in financial commentary - She is being touted as the “Macro Finance Person of the Year” for her bold predictions that have come to fruition.

Two of the most recognized portfolio managers in the resource business, with multiple decades of market navigation - who today are two of the top performing asset managers in the world.

An entrepreneur who’s tech start up disrupted a multi-billion legacy industry.

I have allowed space for a very small number of companies to present at this event.

All of the companies presenting are either producing mines, or have royalties on producing mines, with the exception of one...

In addition, I promise you, that each of the presenting companies meet ALL of the below criteria:

They have attracted capital from reputable, serially successful investors (We follow the smart money)

The Management team has a winning track record with previous companies (We minimize risk, success begets success)

Management, Advisors and Institutions are the largest shareholders (Friends and family have more to lose than we do)

I wasn’t going to let any explorers into this feature. My personal portfolio is incredibly speculative right now, but the world is awash in risk and uncertainty, so I chose to only invite a small handful of cash flowing CEO’s who are pulling ounces out of the ground.

The one exception?

Once I saw this management team I made the call to let one early stage opportunity in. I’ve never mentioned this company before, but the CEOs last name is iconic in the industry, and one that every person reading this email is familiar with. I am excited to sit down with him and hear the story first hand.

The Keynote Speakers and Company Presenters are all scheduled - this agenda is full of rockstars.

I’ll start announcing the lineup next week.

So lace up, tuck your chin, and stay on your feet. We are staring history in the face. Let’s learn from the best, and let 2021 be your year.

Jay Martin
CEO, Cambridge House