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Photo: Watch THIS ONE Gold Stock Right Now

Afghanistan has more than $1 trillion in gold and other resources in its reserves, per the Pentagon.

That has to make it one of the best places to set up a mining company, right?

Unless of course, you have to be a U.K. special forces commander in order to convince the U.S. commander in Afghanistan to let you mine those resources (true story).

And then you need to convince the richest man in Poland to fund the project (also true).

And then it will take seven long years to get approval to start mining. Three years after that, the entire operation will be broke.

New Placer Dome Gold (NGLD.V) made the smart move…

…skipping Afghanistan and going straight to Nevada.

If it were a country, Nevada would be the fifth-highest gold-producing country in the world, behind China, Australia, Russia, and Canada.

It’s responsible for more than 80 percent of domestic U.S. gold production. More than 235M ounces of gold have been mined from its hills — 5.5M in 2018 alone.

But what’s more important is that its regulations are well established and predictable.

No need to game the Pentagon on this one.

It’s got major infrastructure throughout the state, and its mines are workable year-round.

And majors are incredibly active—both in investments and buyouts—when it comes to juniors located in the state.

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It’s the perfect breeding ground for New Placer Dome Gold.

And they’ve gotten their hands on amazing assets, with an incredibly successful exploration team…

At precisely the right time.

She helped discover the Long Canyon deposit that was sold for $2.2 Billion - Here’s what’s next…

Max originally tried to buy the Bolo project way back in 2012. Gold was at $1,800 - and the project was too expensive.

When it was drilled in 2013 and 2017, Max waited patiently. The drilling assumed mineralization at the surface, and lots of good results came in.

But no geophysics were done.

When gold bottomed out at $1,188 in 2018, Max was still waiting. And he picked up the project for a song.

The company quickly did geophysics to undercover what was underneath the ground, and it was successful.

So they did a ten-hole drilling program—also successful.

New Placer went public to raise funds for exploration when gold was at $1,300…

… finished their first drill program with gold at $1,500…
… and now gold is back around $1,800.

Here’s the thing: any company that shows up to the party now is already way too late.

And the company added one of the most accomplished geologists alive today – Moira Smith – who just won the AME’s Colin Spence Award (The Academy Awards for geologists). Moira helped discover the Long Canyon gold deposit which Newmont Mining bought out in a $2.2 billion dollar transaction.

Max and Brad and the rest of their team—the right people—grabbed a few projects in the right place at just the right time. And have added a superstar team to their roster.

Now it’s your turn.

I’m very biased, but this gold stock looks to be on the cusp of a big breakout.

And that’s what institutions are waiting for.

They don’t care about new highs. They want to see a big run—then they’ll throw the big money in, sending perfectly placed companies like New Placer up 100%+.

Will you be in the right place at the right time?

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Jay Martin
CEO, Cambridge House