This Weeks Video: Peter Schiff

Photo: This Weeks Video: Peter Schiff

Two years in a row at the VRIC, our highlight debate has been Brent Johnson VS Peter Schiff.

In 2019 they squared off over interest rates, in 2020 it was the dollar. Both agree on the dollar end game - but Brent is betting on a significant rally before the dollar's eventual collapse.

Their contrasting personalities make for great entertainment on stage.

They have a gold ounce riding on whether the Dollar Index will be up or down from last January. - At present Schiff has a healthy lead - the DXY has fallen from 97 to 93 in the last eight months.

With four months to go - I wanted to catch up with Peter to see how confident he was. We talked about the USD, short term and long, Gold and Silver equities, Fed Policy, and why he's still a bitcoin naysayer.

Check out our conversation here.

Jay Martin
CEO, Cambridge House