"You Would Be Reckless Not to Own Some Gold in Your Portfolio"


When Frank Giustra speaks, you listen.

Frank became a billionaire because he can see what’s coming before nearly anyone else.

And that’s made him one of the most successful investors in the world.

He’s personally created one of the world’s largest mining companies… a huge silver company… and a $2 billion movie production company. And he made it big in crypto.

When he goes all in on an investment, you want to invest right alongside him.

And right now, he’s betting the house on gold.

In fact, he’s publicly stated that this “will be the biggest market of all time in gold.”

He’s seen all this happen before, back in the ‘70s.

So he understands the urgency—and the potential for massive profit:

“We are not that far off... and the money flows will come in.”

But don’t just take his word for it.

Consider Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Investments. He happens to be the 60th richest person in the world.

“Gold will be a top investment during the upcoming
‘paradigm shift’ for global markets.”

(More on that paradigm shift in a moment.)

For now, know that Bridgewater manages $236 billion for 139 institutional clients.

Which means if Dalio thinks gold will go up, he can practically jump-start the market on his own.

Truth is, Frank and Ray are just two of dozens of visionary billionaires loading up on gold:

  • There’s John Paulson, the hedge fund manager, who has invested $4.6 billion into gold.
  • And Thomas Kaplan, a Rembrandt collector who has put $2 billion into gold.
  • Paul Tudor Jones, who doesn’t even like gold but knows how to spot a profit-making opportunity—says gold is his favorite trade for the next 12-24 months.
  • Mikhail Prokhorov, a Russian billionaire, has invested more than $6 billion in gold.
  • And late Friday, Berkshire Hathaway disclosed that Warren Buffet – who was once gold’s biggest adversary – just bought a $560 million stake in Barrick Gold.

Here’s what all of these billionaires have in common (aside from making their fortunes by seeing into the future).

They see the potential for gold as a currency, not a commodity.

When a global recession hits—and it will—people will drop dollars or renminbi or yen or whatever currency they hold for something with actual value backing it up...


That might sound unlikely...

But it’s already happening in a few countries, with Germany leading the way.

At the end of 2019, it began to experience panicked gold buying.

“We Are Currently Being Overrun.”

That’s a quote from the managing director at Degussa Edelmetalle, one of Germany’s biggest gold dealers. The lines for gold there remain out the door and down the street.

The other large German gold trader, Pro Aurum, has seen a tripling of normal order volumes.

And this is just a taste of what’s to come for gold...

I think of gold like fire insurance. And a NEW GENERATION of investors are realizing that.

There hasn’t been an economic “fire” in a decade. But all the signals are flashing. Riots in the streets, civil unrest, falling belief that governments and banks will solve society’s problems.

So insurance is pretty cheap... for now.

But you know a fire is bound to ignite. You buy insurance while it’s still inexpensive.

The fire hits and begins to destroy your city. Suddenly, everyone you know wants fire insurance too.

But it’s too late. Prices are too high, and the flames of dropping stock prices are closing in fast.

And many of you know that gold stocks provide incredible leverage to a rising gold price.

  • And the right gold stocks can provide 2x, 5x and 20x returns on your money.
Gold and gold stocks are insurance that could give you insane protection on your portfolio once everything is ablaze.

And an entire generation of Millennials and Generation Z are getting involved in the markets for the first time ever.

Crypto piqued their interest. Cannabis got them involved.

And gold is getting them very, very excited.

I run a firm with many different audience channels... and one of the fastest growing audience segments is the under-40 crowd.

And the keywords they’re looking at are all gold related.

I’ve been contacted by many companies in the space, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate the top performers from the rest of the field in this coming bull market.

Running one of Canada’s biggest investment conferences gives me access to the best leadership teams, analysts and financiers in the resource industry.

And they’ve taught me many tricks to find the next big company.

Just like our last big win with Auryn Resources (which you could’ve doubled your money on from when we first published)... there are a handful of other companies out there that are severely undervalued.

Tomorrow I’ll show you one sub-sector of the gold industry you need to have pinned to your desk.

It prints money like crazy.

It’s low hanging fruit.

And it’s got a high barrier to entry. Not just any pubco can get in and make waves and big profits...

Stay tuned,
Jay Martin