Make bets you believe in, then challenge them

Photo: Make bets you believe in, then challenge them

This morning I have a quick recap from last week, plus two new video releases.

Last Wednesday I published a report on Auryn Resources, and the CEO, Ivan Bebek. The morning the report came out, a good friend and Pangea Club Member called me. He is a quiet, independent investor. Extraordinarily wealthy, but he has never invested in a resource company before.

I’ve been trying to convert him for two years.

I knew he called because he was interested - he was close to taking his first position, I was excited to dive deeper. But he never gave me the chance - he cut right to the chase.

"Okay, looks interesting. You get one sentence to tell me why Ivan Bebek is going to put the puck in the net."

This guy loves his drama.

But I had the answer immediately.

"You're asking the wrong question. Don't ask if Ivan is going to do it... ask if Ivan is going to do it for a third time."

Those two questions are separated by an ocean.

Nothing I could say about Ivan Bebek trumps his track record. He’s already had two massive wins, moving Keegan Resources from exploration to production and building Cayden Resources to a $205M exit. He has made his shareholders tons of money, yet still feels unproven. It does not make him a sure thing, but after our interview last week, I asked him how important it was for him to get the hat-trick:

“You do it once, you are lucky. You do it twice, you’ve got people's attention. You do it three times….”

Demand for his deals goes WAY up, and his cost of capital goes way down.

In his words: “I want to make people rich. Not just money. Rich.”

That’s the chip on the shoulder we are looking for. Investors who took a position last week are up 45% on their money.

Check out our interview here.

This morning I am also releasing interviews with two financial media icons - Danielle DiMartino Booth and Harry Dent.

Danielle DiMartino Booth - Bestselling author of Fed Up, Founder of Money Strong LLC and Quill Intelligence, and former advisor to the President of The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Harry Dent - Best Selling Author of 16 Books including Zero Hour, The Demographic Cliff and The Great Crash Ahead. Harry is a guest commentator on Bloomberg, Fortune, FOX and CNN
I've wanted Danielle at our events for a long time. After nine years at the Federal Reserve, she has a very unique perspective on what happens behind closed doors in moments of crisis. She's been there.

When Jerome Powell became Chairman of the Federal Reserve he was quick to declare that fixing the stock market was "Not his job". He has since launched the most aggressive stimulus program the world has ever seen. We talked about that pivot, and if anyone could have responded differently in the same situation.

She talked about industries that will be forever disrupted after the pandemic and subsequent lockdown.

As always, I got her to open up about her portfolio, talk about where she is allocating capital and how she is positioned to grow and protect her wealth.

Watch the video with Danielle DiMartino Booth here

The gold market is heating up daily, but Harry Dent is forecasting a $700 gold price within the year. As an investor in gold and gold equities - I needed to sit down with Harry to find out where he is coming from. I have a lot of money riding on him being wrong.

Speaking with people you disagree with is a great way to find blind spots. It is critical to scrape the market for anything that could threaten your conviction and dive into it. Make bets you believe in, and then challenge them at every corner.

Harry was his usual high energy self - excited to share his cycle focused predictions and call out any safe haven asset classes he felt were misunderstood.

When it comes to gold, he is both a bull and a bear.

Watch the interview with Harry Dent here

Next week I will be releasing an interview with Max Keiser: Broadcaster, film maker and host of The Keiser Report - a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines.

We talk about the importance of individual sovereignty, the future of money, gold, bitcoin, and the most unappreciated skill - listening.

Enjoy the content,

Jay Martin
CEO, Cambridge House