Swinging for the Fences with one of the Biggest Bull Markets in Copper on the Horizon

Photo: Swinging for the Fences with one of the Biggest Bull Markets in Copper on the Horizon

You’ve learned how mining experts like Friedland, Katusa, and Glencore believe electric vehicles will cause a massive spike in copper demand.

You’ve seen how incredible fortunes can be made by picking up copper assets in bear markets

You know that copper grades are dropping

That market moving copper discoveries are nowhere to be found…

That big producers of copper will become desperate…

And that’s why an incredible opportunity stands before us right now.

This is what the COO and Chief Geologist Michael Henrichsen is saying about this one specific asset…

“It’s the best pre-drilling project many of us have seen
in our careers.”

“Potential to extend a World-Class Mining Belt…”

Cambridge House Spotlight:


How many non-producing exploration stocks have a dual listing on the NYSE American?


Executive Chairman Ivan Bebek, Shawn Wallace, and their partners are not wasting any time positioning Auryn Resources in front of the coming copper bull market for maximum upside.

They're no stranger to making big money for shareholders…

Back in 2005, Ivan and Shawn co-founded Keegan Resources where they discovered 5 million ounces of gold (which later became Galiano Gold).

When the company shifted from exploration to production, it was a horrible time to be in the gold mining business, and when a liquidity event was not in the cards they still managed to pull it off bringing in a management team experienced in mine development and operation.

Galiano is now on track to produce 250,000 ounces of gold per year in a JV with Goldfields.

Then in 2010, the team started Cayden Resources.

They acquired a project in Mexico and after only 100 drill holes they sold the company to Agnico Eagle Mines for $205 million.

Another massive score for investors. All while Ivan was still in his thirties.

Most people never get a big score in their lifetime. But to have two wins before your 40th birthday is no small feat - and Ivan and his team are now gearing up for their third big win.

This time, with Auryn.

They acquired a world-class exploration portfolio in the Americas, with the view that an epic bull market in commodities was on the horizon.

Between their track record and new tier-one exploration portfolio, Auryn attracted Goldcorp (now, Newmont) as a strategic investor. This major invested $35 million for a 12.5% stake (this was in 2017) when the company was just getting going.

Now - some of the biggest names in the mining sector are VERY excited about Auryn.

Today I’ll tell you why I’m all over this story too.

According to one hedge fund manager…

“We have the same setup again to make a double with this stock. This stock looks to me like it’s ready to pop in a big way.”

AUG is a stock you need to pay attention to right now.

The management team are at the peak of their game.

The Dynamic Duo:
Ivan Bebek (Chairman) and Shawn Wallace (CEO)

A common theme in the mining industry is that it’s full of grey-haired folks who are crazy smart but aging out of the field.

But there’s a coming wave of new titans ready to make their mark much like the leaders of industry— Ross Beaty, Robert Friedland, etc.

That’s why some of the most successful group of resource entrepreneurs have all written large cheques to invest in Ivan and Shawn’s company, Auryn Resources.

Ivan, Shawn, and their partners have spent 15 years assembling a team and preparing a blueprint for a major copper discovery, now aligned with the start of a major bull market.

Ivan and his team are swinging for world-class discoveries that, if successful, could result in legendary returns for investors.

With that, Auryn Resources has attracted a lot of smart money. The company’s shareholder base is a ‘who’s who’ of the mining world.

Great share structures can provide a lot of torque with great news

Let’s look at the structure of Auryn to see what kind of shareholder base is behind the curtain.

It’s rare to see a list of insider filings where insider transactions have considerable buys. At Auryn, the management team and insiders are putting their money behind this company.

Auryn recently set out to raise $10M - but due to surging demand for the offering, they closed the private placement at $15M, and many legendary financiers jumped on board again.

Investors like Ross Beaty, Marin Katusa, Doug Casey, and Rob Sali have all recently put money into Auryn.

The name that surprised me most: Rob Sali. At one time, he was Ross Beaty's and numerous other mining magnates' broker.

Self-made, Rob became one of the biggest brokers in the business and made his clients tens of millions of dollars. He may just be the smartest and most successful investor in the resource sector that you’ve likely never heard of.

A confidant to some of the biggest players in the business, Rob has big expectations for Ivan and Auryn.

A large portion of the float is held by management, insiders and institutions - which is exactly what you want to see, because they are all long-term investors with a keen interest in backing the business plan.

So why are the biggest names in the mining industry investing in Auryn?

Two words: People and Assets.

To become a major resource company, you need to bring in a major partner. Ivan and Shawn managed to bring in Michael Henrichsen (P. Geo) as Auryn’s COO and Chief Geologist.

Michael was the global structural geologist at Newmont. He intimately knows the regions Auryn’s projects are in, and he has the track record to prove it.

Michael has assembled many of his former Newmont colleagues, all global experts in their various geoscience disciplines, including his partner, David Smithson, who is the VP of Exploration at Auryn.

Smithson led the technical success at the Auryn team’s previous company, Cayden Resources…which as mentioned earlier, was sold to Agnico Eagle for $205M.

More recently, Auryn also added Christian Rios to the technical side of the management team as the VP of Operations in South America. Not only has Rios spent the majority of his career working in Peru, he was directly involved in making world-class discoveries in the region through his work with Bear Creek Mining.

Of course, not every deal from a legend will make money.

But a strong management team like this has the best shot at producing results.

Come for the Copper and get the Gold for Free

This team likes to move fast and drill even faster.

They have raised more than $100M since 2014 –and they have put 80% of that money back into the ground to prove out their three tier-one assets.

If the economics work in their plan, they could be selling or spinning out those assets.

If that happens, you’d get additional shares of new companies.

So, you basically need to look at these three assets as three separate opportunities.

World Class Asset #1 - The Peruvian Copper Giant

Peru is well-known for its large-scale copper-gold deposits –and Auryn’s asset is a massive, 130,000 hectare, district-potential land package right in the heart of the resource-rich region.

Sombrero has world class potential given the size of the targets based on geology, geophysics and surface geochemistry and could yield a discovery that would move the needle for the largest copper producing companies.

Auryn’s Chief Geologist, Michael Henrichsen, with over 18 years of experience globally stated:

“Sombrero is the best pre-drilling project many of us have seen
in our careers.”

Why? Because already, they have over half a dozen high-priority targets a number of which have high-grade copper and gold on surface.

Each one of these targets could represent a significant discovery.

This district has the potential for multiple discoveries given the scale.

Shifting this project from exploration into production to meet the surge in copper demand will not be a problem to finance assuming all permits are obtained.

It has the right infrastructure and it even has the right neighbours.

Sombrero has all the characteristics of a tier-one world class copper deposit: extensive mineralization on surface, power lines, paved roads.

With infrastructure being a common challenge in mines coming online to meet copper demand, it couldn’t be better timing for Sombrero.

The Auryn team is constantly working towards very positive relations with the local communities to proceed with their exploration.

The company is looking to begin drilling at Sombrero in Q4 of 2020, with steady news flow expected through the second half of 2020 into 2021.

This is the lottery ticket the market is waiting for.

Again: Large area, Large targets. Minimal drilling. Right region. Right team.

It’s reasonable to expect a long line of interested buyers if Auryn starts to come out with strong drill results.

I mentioned earlier that the world needs to keep up with the demand for copper going forward. This could be the large, high-grade copper deposit that fills in the gap.

If Auryn hits what they think they’ll hit, this company could be sold for multiples of its current valuation.

Speculators looking for a huge return must have Auryn on their watch list as this is a high risk and high reward scenario.

World Class Asset #2 - High-Grade Canadian Gold

Auryn has identified two very promising tier-one assets in Canada.

A) - Prospective high-grade gold play: the Committee Bay project in Nunavut

This project has had over $160 million invested into infrastructure and exploration to date.

It has a maiden high-grade resource estimate of 524,000 indicated ounces at 7.85 g/t gold and 724,000 ounces in the inferred category at 7.64 g/t, mostly near the surface and it remains open for expansion.

B) - High-grade gold in the legendary Golden Triangle: the Homestake Ridge project

This region is the Beverly Hills of rich copper and gold deposits –and all the big companies want in… Barrick, Imperial Metals, Seabridge and Pretium Resources are all in the vicinity.

Auryn owns 7,500-hectares of claims and has recently released a preliminary economic assessment–with a net present value after-tax for the project at US$173M at a gold price of US$1,620/oz…and gold is now inching closer to US$1,750. (See company press release April 15, 2020)

World Class Asset #3 - The Golden Lottery Ticket

Auryn’s Curibaya project is like an early-stage junior in and of itself. It has all the characteristics an investor’s screening test would look for:

In a mining-friendly jurisdiction with great access to infrastructure,

Situated within a copper porphyry belt and an epithermal gold belt alongside multiple world-class mines,

Yielding exceptionally high-grade gold, silver, and copper results from limited sampling programs to-date.

Surabaya has high-grade potential, but it’s still very early stage.

If a major comes to the table for Sombrero, Curibaya and the Canadian projects could easily be spun out.

Remember Friedland’s prophecy that “Copper prices will be so high, you’ll need a telescope to see it”?

With substantial copper swings at multiple targets at Sombrero, Auryn is part of the solution.

And once again… shareholders who bet on their strong team stand to be rewarded handsomely.

To see why we believe Auryn has the makings of a company that can deliver solid gains, please read our full report here:



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