"We needed a recession"


When I was 18 years old I worked on a ranch in the interior of British Columbia. My boss was a wild old cowboy, with his own index of anecdotes and cliches. He’d never made any money, but that never stopped him from giving advice.

One piece always stuck with me: “Jay, the key to success is to spot an avalanche, and put yourself in front of it.”

It’s simple advice. A more familiar spin from Wayne Gretsky: “Get to where the puck is going to be”.

Nobody knows for certain where “the puck” is going next, but we can look for hints. In the last month, we witnessed the most aggressive flood to US Dollars the world has ever seen - right now there is more wealth held in USD than ever before.

As the COVID uncertainty eases, this wealth will be redistributed to new asset classes - this is the avalanche we want to get in front of.

I don’t know where the world’s wealth will be redistributed, but I can start with my network.

Last week I sat down with three investment professionals who met the below criteria:

They have proven serially successful over the last 30+ years

They are sitting on a surplus of USD that will soon be deployed in the market

Today I am sharing interviews with:

Rick Rule, CEO of Sprott US Global:
“The fortunes will be made by people who buy the best of the best, have their confidence restored because they move first, then move further down the food chain.”

David Cole, CEO of EMX Royalty Corp:
“We have over $50 Million USD in the bank, we have a team we call the fail-fast team that looks at opportunities, fails them quickly, and finds the deals we execute on.”

Jim Rogers, Famed American Investor:
“This crash is going to smack a lot of people in the face. Debt is like a Porsche, if you handle it well, it is great, if you handle it poorly, you end up in a graveyard.”

It is hunting season for all three above.

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Jay Martin
CEO, Cambridge House

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