“I can buy world class assets at Warren Buffet value investing prices - that’s where the game is right now.”

Photo: “I can buy world class assets at Warren Buffet value investing prices - that’s where the game is right now.”

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Now, the markets:

Last week I told you that I would open up my rolodex, and share many of the conversations I am having with industry thought leaders. So I released an 85 minute video, with a handful of these conversations.

We heard both consensus and disagreement about where the markets are going, and how investors should position themselves.

That is what we want.

Because there is no strategy that is correct, and there is no perspective that is absolute. The best thing we can do is gather as many opinions as possible and apply those that fit our lives.

I encourage you to watch it here, but if you are short on time, I’ve captured some of the highlights below.

With the conference business on pause, I have directed my entire team to focus on content creation. This week I am recording another long form content feature with some very big names.

Next week we are also releasing a mini series - a more in the trenches look at the small cap equities market.

Through our various channels, over 130,000 investors now tune in to Cambridge House content. Everyone needs information, so we are sharing our rolodex.

Stay tuned for next weeks release.

Watch our latest feature here, and see the highlights below:

Grant Williams
Co-Founder of Real Vision TV, Editor of “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…”

On the Market:

“This bubble is not housing, this bubble is everything except gold.”

“If you think a 25% drop is enough to wash this out, you are out of your mind.”

“If you are a trader this is the kind of market you dream of. Most people aren’t that. The people that aren’t sure, let me tell you, they are not.“

Is it time to buy yet?

“Yes - only if you are very nimble, if you are ready to take a sharp loss and if you are willing to rent, and not own.”

Are you deploying capital?

“No, I am waiting. The only place I see value is in the precious metals stocks.”

On mining equities:

“Look back through the great depression and see where mining stocks went, they went through the roof. Look back through periods of inflation, mining stocks went through the roof.”

Why own gold now?

“Because of 5000 Years of History.”

Marin Katusa
Founder of Katusa Research

On the Market:

“The large institutions are still in liquidation mode, presenting historic buying opportunities.”

“This is a great reset if you know what you are doing. Use this opportunity to upgrade your portfolio into companies that you always thought were too expensive.”

Are you deploying capital?

“Yes. This is the pocket I excel in.”

“I can buy world class assets at Warren Buffet value investing prices - that’s where the game is right now.”

“If you play a rough market, it’s literally how you add a zero to your net worth.”

Randy Smallwood
CEO of Wheaton Precious Metals

On the Market:

“In times of crisis, people race to the US Dollar. When they step away from the US dollar, the first place they go is gold. Get ahead of the curve.”

“We will see strength in the US dollar and strength in precious metals, and will shift to more strength in precious metals.”

What does your portfolio look like?

“My net worth is tied up in Wheaton. I own Wheaton Precious Metals, gold and land.”

On Wheaton Precious Metals:

“The streaming business model gives investors the best exposure to profitable precious metals production.”

“Our risk profile is similar to gold, with more upside.”

When it comes to sourcing streaming deals:

“We don’t rely on consultants - as a geological engineer, I have to taste the dirt. I have to visit the sites before I justify putting my shareholders capital into these things.”

Ross Beaty
Chairman of Equinox Gold Corp., Chairman of Pan American Silver Corp, and Director of Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.

On the Market:

“When people stop selling everything for US Dollars, they will put their money in safe places. If just 0.5% goes to gold, it will create an epic run.”

“This is the time, when everyone is in crisis mode, that’s when you want to be courageous, that’s when you want to go in.”

On Metals:

“If investors are choosing between copper and gold - Put money in each.”

“This setup is good for copper, zinc and nickel, but extraordinarily good for gold and silver.”

On COVID-19:

“Between Innergex Renewable Energy Inc., Equinox Gold, and Pan American Silver, I have operations in 11 different countries.”

“Collectively, this is the most severe event the world has ever seen.”

Stay tuned for new video releases weekly,

Jay Martin
CEO, Cambridge House

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