Mining's Next Triple Crown

Photo: Mining's Next Triple Crown

Mining's Next Triple Crown

A Junior Gold Stock Primed for a Bull Market Run

Barrian Mining Inc.


Gold is breaking out.

It’s not just in the stock forums that you can hear chatter about gold.

For example, for the first time in YEARS…

Google searches for gold is bigger than searches for marijuana and cannabis.

This is a very bullish indicator that few have realized.

Getting in early is how you position yourself for large gains in the gold sector. This can have life changing results for savvy investors.

Every year at Cambridge House some of the best and brightest stocks in the mining space are showcased at the intimate Silver & Gold Summit in San Francisco.

And every year there are a few darlings at the show that go to have a mammoth year.

For example, in the last year since the 2018 conference…

  • Discovery Metals spiked up from $0.17 to $0.74, a 335% gain in 3 months
  • Sun Metals shot up from $0.14 to $0.65, a 364% gain in 6 months
These were just a few that were featured that delivered huge gains for their shareholders.

That was in a bear market… just imagine what will happen in an upcoming gold bull market.

Are you prepared?

The smart investors are making their bets on the best people in the sector who have the best gold assets.

Some companies will be no longer be around next year….

And not because of insolvency like in the lean years.

But because a number of juniors will get scooped up and acquired at a significant premium through takeovers.

There is so much investor appetite for precious metals, this year’s conference will be bursting at the seams and why……

Gold Stocks Are Making Monster Returns

With gold touching new multi-year highs in 2019, many gold stocks that were at last year’s San Francisco Silver & Gold Summit have exploded higher.

Including Liberty Gold which has gained 272%

Small Cap Gold Stocks Crushed it in 2019 - Which One Is Next?

Companies in the resource sector offer investors the potential to generate enormous returns.

I can’t stress this enough - it’s a VERY HIGH RISK SECTOR.

But, it’s not unreasonable to expect a 200% to 1,000% gain if you pick right.

Especially in a rising gold market like we have today.

If you look at the run up of gold in the last year, you can tell why investors are giddy about the upcoming years.

Now, get to know this 10-digit number…


That is the annual amount of new wealth gained when the price of gold rises by only $1 an ounce. That’s not a typo.

That means for every dollar the price of an ounce of gold moves, the wealth of those holding physical gold increases by over $6.1 Billion.

As you know, the wealth created in the stock market can result in a 100x increase for a gold stock that’s leveraged to a good team, good results and a rising gold price.

Tap Into Gold Stock Market Momentum with Small Cap Gold Stocks

How can you turn $10,000 into $100,000 in under a year?

Savvy speculators talk about asymmetrical risks. Would you risk $10,000 if it could make you over $100,000.

A roll of the dice where odds is $100,000 and evens is zero.

You are not going to get these odds in Vegas.

The Latin phrase ‘Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat’ (Fortune favours the bold) comes to mind.

Now, to be clear, DO NOT get a second mortgage and buy junior gold stocks with the money. Junior mining stocks are a high risk / high reward type of investment….

But there are huge gains to be had if you have the conviction to pick the right ones.

How do you find the right investments?

People have spent their careers building their network and keeping their ear to the ground to find those choice companies and deals.

You’ll hear about most of the best deals from the old school mining legends long after the fact. They have gotten in and out way before you ever hear of them.

There is no school that teaches you how to be a successful mining executive. It is something you learn on the job and from others along the way.

It is priceless to listen and learn from great leaders who have been there before. I have had the privilege of working with a group of larger than life characters in the resource sector over the years from Rick Rule, Ross Beaty, Frank Giustra and dozens of others.

They all have their own criteria of what to look for in investments. I have taken the best concepts from each and developed my own framework for investing.

This easy acronym is what I use:

  • People,
  • Resources,
  • Operations,
  • Future,
  • Investors/Investments
  • Triggers.

As in, the end every investor’s goal is to P.R.O.F.I.T. And here is a featured company that you’ll find at the San Francisco Silver and Gold Silver Summit…

Gold Bull Market – Small Cap Spotlight Barrian Mining (BARI.V)

(P) - People

Through my extensive network of investors and brokers I was introduced to this company.

The team has been called the next great mining magnates. Why?

They are young, hungry and have access to capital and an exclusive network of powerful brokers.

You need to look no further than the name of the company, which pays homage to their family’s background and successes.

From Max Sali’s dad, BARRie Sali, and Brad Telfer’s, dad IAN.

A fitting tribute from the young up-and-comers of today, to the titans of the previous generation.

Their fathers are legends in their own rights and they have groomed their offspring to achieve greater things.

Max and Brad have an extreme advantage compared to most as they have been mentored by some of the greatest minds in the business.

An advantage only gets you so far, you need to hustle. This group has plenty…

Max Sali, Co-Founder and CEO:

Max has spent the past decade in the investment industry.

He cut his teeth with other junior resource companies and taken many from shell to full bore operations. Up until Barrian, Max was the wizard behind the scenes making the operation run smoothly. It was that experience that prepared him to run his first mining company.

He has close ties to the global capital markets and knows all the important people, through his own network and his family’s.

His father, Barrie Sali, was a prolific Vancouver businessman and his uncle, Rob Sali, is one of the most successful resource brokers. This is an uber smart and successful family that is well connected around the world.

Brad Telfer, Co-Founder and Director:

Brad also has spent several years in the industry, working his way up, starting out as an investment advisor.

His father, Ian Telfer, is well known for his work with Wheaton River, which later merged with and became the goliath Goldcorp.

Ian joined the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame in 2015, and you can be sure that some of the lessons and wisdom that got him there have been passed down to his son as well.

Of course, simply having the right lineage doesn’t guarantee success. But what it does do is set up connections and open doors that wouldn’t otherwise be available.

Jordan Trimble, Director:

Jordan is another young up and comer who brings extensive experience from running other natural resource companies to the fold.

Jordan is the CEO of Skyharbour Resources and built it from the ground up. He has a lot of know-how in all aspects of running junior mining companies.

More importantly, Jordan has survived and been able to raise exploration capital in the junior uranium sector when most of the companies have gone bankrupt or left the uranium sector.

Jordan has stuck with his company and is a survivor that will reap the warrants of his commitment when the uranium market turns.

Mining’s Next Triple Crown Winner?

(R) Resources

The #1 resource for an exploration company in any commodity is being able to raise the cash required to explore. That is a key feature with Barrian.

Not only has the company raised the required funds to drill Bolo, but the company has a very low number of shares outstanding.

The company has approximately 44 million shares out, compared to the small cap average of over 5 times that with comparable drill programs.

  • The insiders are the largest shareholders and having skin in the game is key to guarding their low share count.
The insiders are the largest shareholders and having skin in the game is key to guarding their low share count.

More importantly, Max and the Barrian team raised the funds when gold was below $1300 per ounce.

If the company has any exploration success in the already drilled Bolo project (the company is waiting for results from the assay company)… it will get the attention of the market.

The likes of Eric Sprott and other smart savvy investors have been looking for low risk-high impact gold projects in the Great Basin in Nevada.

Nevada’s Gold Resources Are Rich

(O) Operations

Much Like Real Estate, it’s all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

Barrian’s primary asset, the Bolo gold project, is located in Nevada.

And if you want to talk about a good neighborhood, Bolo’s neighbor is a mine called Round Mountain.

  • Round Mountain is owned by Kinross Gold Corp ($8.1 Billion Market Cap) and produced 400,000 ounces of gold last year.
Not too shabby. And it’s a low-cost producer.

Nevada is ranked as the world’s most attractive mining jurisdiction. It is a business friendly, safe jurisdiction.

“The Silver State” nickname is a bit outdated as it related back to the Nevada silver-rush days of the mid-1800's.

Back then silver covered the surface of many bonanzas and could be extracted with just a shovel.

Those days are long gone and the majority of the precious minerals need a bit more work to discover.

And Gold is the new standard in Nevada, and most of it is Carlin-type deposit. Which to the non geo types, means that the gold cannot be visibly seen with the naked eye.

You need a lab to assay the core after drilling to see how much gold in the rock.

Over the last 40 years, these Carlin type mines and deposits have helped turn Nevada into the most prolific gold mining jurisdiction in the world.

Many of the largest deposits in Nevada, such as Turquoise Ridge and Goldrush (both owned by Barrick Gold) are Carlin-type deposits.

Nevada’s gold industry is so huge that if Nevada ceded from the U.S. and declared itself a sovereign country…

It would be the 5th largest Gold producing country in the world behind China, Australia, Russia and Canada.

The Barrian site has easy access to utilities and highways. Lowering the overall costs of exploration and development.

  • This highly sought-after Bolo project was snatched away from a larger group and secured by this management team.

They acquired the early stage gold project option from Allegiant Gold.

Barrian has the option of earning a controlling (50.01%) interest in the Bolo project by spending US$4 million in exploration expenditures over the next 3 years, alongside US$1 million in staged payments of issued shares.

Barrian can earn an additional 25% interest in the project by spending another US$4 million over another two years.

This would leave them with a 75% interest at the end of 2024, if they choose to go this route.

The Bolo project is not just a random assortment of unknown concessions in Nevada. Historical drilling on the project shows a lot of potential.

To date, over 12,000 meters (~40,000 ft) have been drilled on the project. At today’s drilling costs, it would take $20 million and at least 2 years to get the project to this stage. And like I said, many of the holes show significant gold mineralization.

Highlights from past drill results from different holes, all at surface at Bolo include:

  • 133 meters (~436ft) 1.3 g/t
  • 90 meters (~295ft) 1.0 g/t
  • 52 meters (~170ft) 1.27 g/t
  • 30.5 meters (~100ft) 3.24 g/t

What do these numbers mean?

These are thick and high-grade intervals considering this is all near surface gold results.

To the layman that might not sound like much….

But shallow mineralization makes open pit mining feasible, significantly lowering the cost of production.

Bolo’s shallow mineralization is also oxidized which makes extraction cheap and another bonus of the project.

Carlin-type deposits are usually large and can be mined using low cost open pit mining techniques.

(F) Future

The Triple Crown Trio running Bolo are smart, aggressive and hungry.

And I can see them do exactly what all of their fathers built their massive fortunes on, acquiring further projects.

  • This company is far from a one-shot pony. For example, they also own a “Sleeper Project” that’s in the Mogollon gold district in New Mexico.

Barrian has the option of earning in full ownership of the Sleeper project through US $1 million in share payments through 2022, and the first quarter million has already been issued.

The third project in the company is Troy Canyon project, another gold asset 70km (~40 miles) east of the Bolo project in Nevada.

Barrian has the option of acquiring a 100% interest in Troy Canyon, subject to a Net Smelter Return royalty (NSR), under $100K of cash, and 1.35 million shares of Barrian.

At the moment, these latter two properties are just icing on the cake, as Barrian’s primary focus is their flagship Bolo project.

But like I said earlier, expect Max and his team to aggressive make further acquisitions.

It’s in their blood. This is a hunch from what I know of them.

Right now Max and his team have their hands full at Bolo as the land package at Bolo is very large, comprising over 3,300 acres of land. Most of the drilling has focused on targets in the South Mine Fault area.

There are other promising targets at Bolo that can be exploited with further drill programs.

Several thousand more meters of drilling are planned at Bolo through next year.

And Barrian is targeting an initial resource estimate for Bolo in 2021.

(I) Investors / Investments

Share structure is critical. Many novice investors don’t realize it can make or break a company.

Barrian has a solid share structure, with ~44 million shares outstanding and minimal warrants and options that can cause an “overhang” on the stock.

In addition, a lot of the stock is held by management and insiders.

Management and insiders own around 16% of the stock, with friends, family, and other close associates making up another 40%.

Barrian raised $2,672,400 in the IPO at CAD$0.20 per share.

The company had $1.2 million on the books as per their last audited financial statements.

The Right Rocks Can Rocket a Gold Stock

(T) Triggers

Barrian has received impressive results from their first few drill holes.

  • First hole intersected 32 meters (105 ft) of 2.01 g/t within a broader zone averaging 1.01 g/t gold over 85 meters (~275 ft).
  • Second hole intersected 36.6 meters (~120 ft) of 2.10 g/t within a broader zone averaging 1.19 g/t gold over 122 meters (~400 ft).

These are some of the Top Gold Drill Hole Intercepts in all of Nevada in 2019

The remaining holes will be released shortly. If they keep on hitting, the share price of Bolo could go through the roof.

Or as Robert Friedland likes to say, “You will need a telescope to see the share price”.

The recently completed drill program focused on the South Mine Fault of the large Bolo project.

There is plenty of room to expand to new target areas outside towards the North and East.

These new targets and trends would catalyze the stock and help bring more attention to the story.

But while the projects themselves are great, the people aspect of Barrian is definitely its greatest strength.

They have the resources – knowledge, connections, capital – which may not be so easily accessible otherwise.

When you bring in the combination of heritage and hunger, you are on to something.

Don’t take my word for it, some of the smartest minds in the resource sector have already invested in this company.

Here is a recent interview I did with Barrian Mining CEO Max Sali. We discuss the gold market and more.

In the junior mining sectors, the earlier you get in, the higher the risk, and the more you stand to make.

This company will be focussed at the Silver and Gold Summit in San Francisco on October 26-27, 2019. I strongly urge you to reach out and find out what all the buzz is about before it is too late.

Life changing wealth is within your grasp.

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat

Jay Martin, CEO, Cambridge House International

Disclaimer: Barrian Gold will be presenting at the 2019 San Francisco Silver and Gold Summit. Cambridge House has received a paid sponsorship from Barrian Mining. The company and its affiliates may own shares in Barrian. This is not to be construed as individual investment advice. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell the company. Please do your own due diligence. All material was taken from publicly available information via SEDAR, company news releases and discussions with management about published information. Management has reviewed and sponsored this article. Never make an investment based solely on what you read in an online newsletter, especially if the investment involves a small, thinly-traded company that isn't well known. Past performance is not indicative of future results and should not be used as a reason to purchase any stocks mentioned in this publication or on this website. Cambridge House is not a registered broker-dealer or financial advisor. Before investing in any securities, you should consult with your financial advisor and a registered broker-dealer. Please review the filings on Barrian’s SEDAR profile for more details regarding the company and its risks. The scientific and technical information contained in this article as it relates to Barrian’s projects have been reviewed and approved by Kristopher J. Raffle, PGeo (B.C.), principal and consultant of APEX Geoscience Ltd. of Edmonton, Alta., a director of Barrian and a qualified person as defined in National Instrument 43-101 -- Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects.