The “Best in the World at Predicting the Future"

Photo: The “Best in the World at Predicting the Future

Seven years ago I watched a documentary that changed my life.

The movie was based on the Director of Engineering at Google, and one of the most famed inventors on the planet.

Inc. magazine described him as the “rightful heir to Thomas Edison”.

Bill Gates refers to him as the best in the world at predicting the future.

The movie, Transcendent Man, showcased the life of Ray Kurzweil.

Ray opened my eyes to a striking new concept…

Within my lifetime, the exponential growth of technology and medicine could enable human beings the possibility of living indefinitely.

Living indefinitely?

Now, before you write this off, Ray does a great job at making audacious predictions that sound unrealistic.

But then he walks you through the technological trajectory over the last 100 years…

Then 50, 20 and 10…

He then forecasts that trajectory into the future, with the conclusion that this isn’t audacious, this is obvious - Look at where we’ve come from, and look at where we are going.

Sometimes the future is hard to believe, whereas in hindsight, everything is obvious.

I don’t know if it will ever be possible to live forever. But I know I want to extend my healthy life-span for as long as possible.

Biohacking in the 21st Century – Big Money is into Big Health

I’ve since spent years diving deep into the world of biohacking, from the basics like nutrition consultation, sleep and exercise protocol.

I’ve expanded to more engaged practices like gut biome analysis, blood work, hormone monitoring and extensive supplementation. Depending on my bloodwork, I swallow 40-65 pills a day.

My wife thinks I am nuts.

But the more I dig into this, the more I find like minds.

I challenge you to find the wealthiest people you know If they are at all health conscious, ask them what they are doing right now to extend their healthy life-span.

I make a habit of this.

I don’t ask because I want to learn about new technologies - I probably study this more than most. I ask because I want to spot trends, and follow the money.

I think health-tech will be the biggest bull market of my lifetime.

And if I am going to live to 200 - I need to make a lot more money.

Two weeks ago I was hiking with Chip WIlson, the founder of Lululemon.

Chip has all the money in the world. And spends a portion of it like this:

He has a longevity specialist in San Diego and flies to Tijuana for stem cell injections.

He’s painted the interior of his bedroom with a Wifi blocking paint, providing a safe-haven from wireless signals while he sleeps.

Peter Thiel takes human growth hormone daily and is planning to participate in cryogenic freezing if he dies.

Tim Cook has now stated that “Health will be Apple’s most significant contribution to humanity.”

Google’s largest investment, Calico Labs, has now raised over $2.5 Billion USD to “Increase our understanding of the biology that controls lifespan.”

I am not the trendsetter. But I look at where capital is being deployed, and pay attention.

$2.5 Billion is going to move the needle.

So what can we do at the ground level to live longer, think faster and feel better?

In September I am flying one of the world’s most prolific Biohackers to Vancouver to Keynote at the Extraordinary Future Conference - Ben Greenfield.

Ben and I will be discussing introductory and advanced strategies to optimize and prolong life - and, the biggest business opportunities and investment angles.

He is a New York Times bestselling author, and one of the world’s 100 most influential people in health and fitness.

Ben coaches the world’s top CEO’s and professional athletes from the UFC, NHL, NBA and even the NFL.

He has advised, invested or founded many of the top companies in the health, fitness and nutrition industry.

This year he was the feature keynote at the Raymond James Conference in Las Vegas, brought in to discuss advanced life extension technologies.

The Extraordinary Future Conference covers every notable vertical in the innovation sector, from the future of Health, Energy, Data and Privacy, eSports, Cannabis and CBD, Psychedelic therapies and more.

If you want to have your mind blown by cutting edge technologies that lead to a longer, healthier life… you don’t want to miss this event.


I’ll see you in the front row.