Enhanced Precious Metals Allocation Strategies and Market Drivers

Photo: Enhanced Precious Metals Allocation Strategies and Market Drivers

VRIC 2019 Featured Speaker: Chris Blasi

Following a protracted period of range-bound trading for several of the precious metals, a confluence of positive fundaments drivers, which the markets have previously managed to ignore and not respond to, are now taking hold. Resumption upwards for “Leg 3” of the great gold bull market is in play.

Why it's Important: Artificial drivers which have managed the equity, fixed income, and precious metals markets for the past decade are giving way to the weight from a host of fundamentals previously held at bay. These unstoppable macroeconomic, monetary, and geopolitical forces rooted in reality are what will drive markets for the next decade. The reversion to asset pricing being determined by more honest valuations will reward resource investors.

The investment opportunity: Precious metals investors rarely harness and leverage the full value of a logically weighted and diversified precious metals portfolio. Achieving the primary objective related to portfolio management, the capturing of a superior risk adjusted return is often not pursued or considered not possible for the physical precious metals investor. Contrary to this belief, a genuinely superior risk adjusted return can be constructed for the precious metals investor with just a long physical position alone and without the use of derivatives.

In times past when such enormous imbalances existed between the amount of financial claims and the quantity of real things an enormous transfer of wealth occurred. Those on the right side of history were those who saw the writing on the wall and moved aggressively into hard assets, and such forms of primary wealth as land and oil, were those who did the best.

Investing is never easy, but it’s ridiculously hard when massive bubbles distort the price discovery mechanism to these unprecedented degrees. In times like these context is everything, and that’s what I’ll be providing.

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