The Golden Corridor: Rethinking Nortwest BC

Photo: The Golden Corridor: Rethinking Nortwest BC

VRIC 2019 Featured Speaker: Andrew O'Donnell

The Thesis:

We reached peak gold in 2015, we have a struggling market and some dire inevitabilities to face. The Fed cannot keep printing money, just shaking the money tree. The move against the dollar hegemony and an all-out attack on freedom accelerates in the West, as more authoritarian globalist companies restrict speech and expression. The demand for copper is incredible as Greentech pushes forward and it has been 7 years since a major gold find. The year ahead promises market volatility but where FAANG will continue to flounder there is a sector and a region that is primes like a powder keg ready to blow. The wick has been lit in the Golden Triangle and that little spark has been arduously and continuously moving towards its target. This region in ready to explode in activity and momentum. You are not too late to be In Ahead of the Curve.

Why it's Important: Optimism is growing and we are blessed to be sitting so close to an incredible windfall of resources in our backyard in Northwest, BC. Canada is resource country and to have this potential resource bonanza is an incredible gift that many investors have forgotten. Smart money is coming home and the inflow of capital, and credible companies with impressive management and technical teams is impressive. The majors are all present and invested.
We know the players and follow the money.
We know the data.
We have visited sites in the region, and we are going to pass this along to the public.
We are, fund manager John Newell from Fieldhouse Capital Management and Andrew O’Donnell of Super Charged Stocks shining a spotlight on what John Newell has renamed The Golden Corridor, rather than triangle. YouTube series entitled Ignite: The Golden Corridor. The series will be hosted on and will look at companies like Pretium and Juggernaut; Goldstrike resources and Newmont, Barrick, IDM, Triumph Gold and Casa Minerals. We will dig deep into the players that have changed the model, the approach and the success matrix from the old, tired 1990’s exploration to the calculated, methodical approach the new players apply.

The investment opportunity: In Ahead of the Curve

There are some standout companies in this area in the junior exploration size. Pretium, Skeena, Brixton, Juggernaut, Goliath, Casa Minerals, Hudbay, Ascot, Triumph Gold, K2 Gold, Goldstrike, Aben

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