Time to Take Action Ahead of Wall Street’s Return to Precious Metals

Photo: Time to Take Action Ahead of Wall Street’s Return to Precious Metals

VRIC 2019 Featured Speaker: Peter Spina

The return of fear and uncertainty has come back to Wall Street and beyond. The recent instability in the markets coming from global central bank liquidity tightening along with rising rates is destabilizing a system addicted to artificial stimulus and cheap debt.

Then you add the rise in nationalism and geopolitical issues and investors are wondering what is next and where one can find protection from the developing storm. Gold is starting to really stick out in 2019.

Why it's Important: Investors need to understand that the game is changing, the rules are different going forward. What we have been used to for several years is now over. This is the time to take action ahead of Wall Street’s return to the precious metals sector.

The investment opportunity: Gold stocks are undervalued and under-owned. There is a tremendous opportunity for investors to make significant returns in sector that has been out of favor. Junior gold miners and junior mining stocks are on sale and we will look at where which stocks will outperform their peers.

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