Will Gold Outperform Silver Again in 2019

Photo: Will Gold Outperform Silver Again in 2019

VRIC 2019 Featured Speaker: Jeffrey M. Christian

Traditional buy and hold investors have reduced their gold and silver purchases sharply. Shorter term investors seeking capital appreciation have become more active in gold and silver, both going long and shorting the metals. Mining companies are doing nothing positive to stimulate investment demand for their products, with some efforts clearly counter productive discouraging investment demand.

Why it's Important: Economic, financial, and political issues will cause investor distress in the future, but it may be two, five, or seven years before there is a combination of economic and political factors sufficiently severe to cause major financial market dislocations and a new investor rush to gold and silver.

The investment opportunity: Investors are left to their own devices, which in fact is the traditional position they have found themselves in. There are interesting profits to be had by investors from (1) short-term buying and selling gold and silver, trading the ranges, (2) holding long-term positions against future economic and political dislocations, and (3) focusing on profitably and professionally run mining companies that are not pushed on them by marketing groups. Avoid the hype.

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