Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower, Christopher Wylie, Keynotes Extraordinary Future 18

Photo: Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower, Christopher Wylie, Keynotes Extraordinary Future 18

If you don’t know who Christopher Wyllie is and you are an avid investor then this is one speaker you won’t want to miss at the upcoming Extraordinary Future Conference on September 19-20.

Whistleblower and Former Director of Research for Cambridge Analytica and SCL Group, Christopher Wylie, is a feature Keynote and will be discussing the power of data harvesting and compromised privacy. Christopher witnessed first hand how culture, information and algorithms were being weaponized by militaries, governments and companies to undermine elections around the world.

It gets even better, the Extraordinary Future Conference returns to Vancouver on September 19-20 to showcase the hottest tech investment opportunities in Canada, many yet to hit the market.

Due to the incredible success from last year’s event, the conference has expanded to two-days and doubled in square footage. 2018 topics include:

The exhibit hall will showcase over 60 Canadian technology companies and three theatres that will host mind-blowing discussions to shed light on the future of tech investment.

That’s not all, Grammy award-winning producer RAC will take the stage along with Lucas James, Seeking Blue Records, and Jesse Grushack, Co-founder of Ujo Music, to discuss how Blockchain is transforming the music industry.

Moreover, Dan Cohrs, CFO of D-Wave Systems will be discussing how Vancouver is leading the world in quantum computing and how this technology will be one of the more transformative of our lifetime.

One more special guest you won’t want to miss! Viceland host of “Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia”, Hamilton Morris, will be speaking about the future potential of psychedelic medicines to treat mental health disorders and societal dysfunctions in a controversial fireside chat.

Extraordinary Future is produced by Cambridge House International Inc., Canada’s undisputed leader in technology and mining investment conferences.

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