Deploying Capital: Gold vs Crypto vs Cannabis

Photo: Deploying Capital: Gold vs Crypto vs Cannabis

Three asset classes dominated investor conversations in 2017 - Gold, Crypto and Cannabis. Every major news outlet hosted a Bitcoin vs Gold debate, as investors tried to make sense of a frothing market.

The spec markets were hot in general, and many investors made a killing. But the first half of 2018 has been a reckoning - most crypto’s fell by half, Cannabis stocks crashed and gold equities have been somewhat unremarkable.

With tax loss selling behind us, investors are getting ready to deploy their next round of capital. Where will it go?

The Gold vs Crypto vs Cannabis Panel Debate will put the cross-hairs on these three asset classes. We’ve chosen three panelists who are known for both beating the trend and being brutally honest: Chris Parry (Equity Guru), David Morgan (The Morgan Report), and Jason Hamlin (Gold Stock Bull). .

Our moderator, James Black of the CSE, has an excellent beat on which sectors are seeing new listings, new capital and new challenges. He will be a great pilot for this discussion.

This debate will be massively revealing for investors. I can’t wait to watch it on the 16th - and then revisit it a year later to see how we’ve done.

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