The Silver Summit, With David Morgan

Photo: The Silver Summit, With David Morgan


Cambridge House: You were one of the originators of the Silver Summit. Tell us a bit about why the event began. Did it fill a need for the industry?

David Morgan: At the time there was no silver focused event anywhere in the world.  With silver near the five dollar per ounce level and knowing silver had the potential to increase ten fold we wanted to get the message out not only to silverbugs, but the investing community at large.

CH: What can experienced mineral investors expect to discover at Silver Summit?

DM: New companies, new ideas, networking, which means the more experienced resource investors will improve their circle of influence because the caliber and content of this particular event is unique in the resource sector.

CH: Would novice investors find value at Silver Summit?

DM: Silver is undervalued at the present time and anyone with an open mind to examine the facts with critical thinking stands to gain when reflected upon.

CH: We’ve heard from many experts lately that now is a great time to buy silver, especially considering recent geopolitical events. Do you see conflicts in Russia, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere impacting mineral investment?

DM: Yes, which means the physical purchase is more important than ever! Since silver is essential in so many applications it is considered a strategic asset in some countries, therefore mining shares must be selected carefully.

CH: What other crucial intelligence will investors find at Silver Summit?

DM: Every time something unexpected takes place at the Silver Summit which means this year will be no different.  Because this summit is so unique and underappreciated gaining that crucial factor could pay off in a big way going forward.

CH: What else would you tell the “uninitiated” to convince them of the value of this conference?

 DM: Any time you can buy a commodity under the price of production (silver in this case) and wait you will make a profit. The shares offer this opportunity to a far greater extent.

CH: What will you specifically be discussing at your keynote address?

DM: Silver Solutions, how silver solves so many problems in industry, when silver is a solution to portfolio diversification. Ebola and Silver, more to be determined.

CH: Ebola and Silver, oh my! Can you give us a teaser of what you and your colleagues are thinking regarding the implications of a global outbreak?

Check out:

CH: Events influencing silver are changing at a breakneck pace. Should an investor look to forge relationships that will be valuable in staying up-to-date on important issues?

 DM: This is key in my view and building relationships will certainly help investors to make informed decisions.

CH: For investors unfamiliar with purchasing physical silver in an uncertain time, how will Silver Summit prepare them to make smart choices?

 DM: This will be stressed by a number of the speakers at the conference and silver will be available for purchase at the event.

CH: What is the significance of holding the Silver Summit in Spokane, WA? It’s clearly a superb location for networking with mining companies.

 DM: The initial idea sprang from this area which is very close to the "Silver Valley" in Wallace Idaho so it started here as a natural occurrence of those that founded the Silver Summit.

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