Measured Against Gold, US Dollar Purchasing Power Drops By 99.9%

Shared by Nick Laird at, is an updated chart illustrating the long-term decline of the US dollar's purchasing power when compared to gold. Over this nearly 300 year period, $1,000, which initially purchased nearly 52 oz.'s of gold---finished the period with a purchasing power rate of .76 ounces, or roughly 23 grams of gold:

(click to enlarge)

While it's clear none of us will live to see the next 300 years, the next 30 should be quite interesting. As the world continues forward on a pathway of zero interest rates and zero global "hard-money" backing---further monetary expansion should (over time) push this chart reading closer down to that same number of "zero".

In the short-term anything can happen price-wise, but again, over the long-term---protecting one's purchasing power is warranted. After all, if the central banks are doing it---why can't we?


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Tekoa Da Silva
Bull Market Thinking