The Promoter's Prayer

I've been working in the junior exploration space for about five years now and
have been immersed in it my entire life. More often than not I am the youngest person in the room. When the old boys banter about the good old days and stories flow I'm often asked "are you old enough to know who The Pez is?"

The blunt response is, "Does anybody on Howe Street not know who Murray Pezim is?"

Yesterday I read a chapter out of the book Pezim titled "Organizing a Murray Pezim Party." It talks about the Promoter Of The Year Dinner in November 1987 where over 1000 people payed $250 to pay homage to the Howe Street Legend. Although the evening was filled with jokes, stories, good times and a public proposal from Pezim to his future wife Susan, there was an underlying gloom because of the 1987 October stock market crash.

Due to the status of the markets, the opening remarks for the dinner went like this:

"Good Evening. At this time we would normally call for some type of religious incantation, but with the state of the markets we felt something more powerful was needed, so we dusted off the old Promoter's Prayer, in hope that the market would look favorably upon us. The last time the Promoter's Prayer was aired in public was before Murray Pezim drilled hole #76 at Hemlo, and we all know what happened then!"

If there was ever a time when a prayer was needed in the markets, I'd say it is now.

The Promoter's Prayer

May your Assays always be better than expected
May you always have more Buyers than Sellers
May the Shorts always be trapped
May your Stock always close on an up-tick
May your Underwritings always be oversold
May all your trading Halts be for good news
May a bunch of Americans and Europeans buy up your float
And may you be in Heaven for half-an-hour before the Taxman knows you're dead.

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