Gold - Rob McEwen on his dad

Source: Tekoa Da Silva - CEO.CA

“When I Am Facing A Large Challenge…I Draw Inspiration From My Father…He was Unstoppable…No Obstacle Could Deter Him.”

A model to emulate in giving is company builder Rob McEwen--founder of GoldCorp, creator of McEwen Mining and the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine.

As recent keynote speaker of the 124th annual Toronto Board of Trade dinner, Rob indicated that, "Whenever I am facing a large challenge, I draw inspiration from my fathers courage and determination. I feel very fortunate to have had such an empowering role model in my life."

Beginning at the 13:30 mark, he retold his father's story saying, "He came home[from WW II] at age 20 a paraplegic in an iron lung. The doctors...gave him a bleak picture of the future. He would never get out of bed again. And his legs to prevent infection, were going to be cut off. He didn't accept that view...he decided he wasn't going to stay in bed for the rest of his life" He pushed himself to his limits in rehabilitation,  "Until his palms were red, raw and bleeding...he pushed himself hard, exercising his muscles, until one day, he was able to stand and walk with the use of crutches...From that point on he was unstoppable...No obstacle could deter him."

In reflecting on this touching story--what can we each gather from our family histories? Who was it that struggled to put you through school, give you values, or nurture you with food? What did they have to conquer--to see to it that life would bless you with a greater future?