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by Eric Coffin

By now, you all know of the devastating loss of my brother David Coffin, taken in his prime by a heart attack. Well, time has passed and David’s friends and colleagues are gathering together during this year’s World Resource Investment Conference in Vancouver for a celebration of David’s life and the industry he spent his career in. I would like you to be there.

This special evening won’t just be about David though. That’s not how he would have wanted it. First and foremost, it’s a chance for David’s many friends to get together over fine food and drink and enjoy a rare chance to spend time together, enjoy each other’s company and reminisce about David.

Secondly, the evening will feature presentations from some of our friends in the business about a few of the prominent companies David and I followed. It’s a reminder that the exploration sector does generate successes – big ones and that there are many paths that can lead to that success. Even when times are tough someone, somewhere, is doing the hard work to uncover the next big find and developing those finds brings wealth and infrastructure to many areas that would never receive them otherwise.

David spent his career in the exploration field and never lost his taste for the excitement of discovery. He always thought of the great people in this business as its most important asset and biggest attraction. That’s what this special evening is really about. Not just David, but about all the good people in an industry that has done so much to improve the lives of people across the globe.

The evening also has a special purpose, to raise money for a bursary in David’s name that will go to deserving students in the geology faculty at UBC. David knew all too well that the mining business has plenty of lean years to go with the rich ones. That times when it’s most important for new talent to be trained are also times when it’s most difficult for them to support themselves doing it. David always took the time to pass on his experience and advice to young people who were interested in the business. In that spirit, we have created the David J. Coffin Memorial Bursary in Geology. The goal of the dinner and fundraising is to endow at least one annual bursary in perpetuity. It’s a great cause you can have a great time helping.

The dinner will take place on Monday June 4th at Canada Place immediately after the close of the World Resource Investment Conference. Get together with friends for drinks and conversation before sitting down for dinner. The event will include short presentations and a silent auction including some of David’s art collection. Seating is limited so order your tickets now. Costs for the event are $250 per seat or $2000 for a table for eight.

Tickets can be ordered through the Cambridge House website. Click Here where you can reserve seats / tables and pay for them immediately with PayPal or indicate your preferred payment method. To order by phone or email contact Karen Renaud at Cambridge House. She can be reached by email at Karen@cambridgehouse.com or by phone at 604-398-5356.

Tables really are going quickly, so please don’t delay in ordering.

Thank you and I hope to see you there.

If you want to donate directly to the bursary you can contact Karen Renaud at Cambridge House or mail a cheque to Cambridge House (320-475 Howe St, Vancouver BC, V6C 2B3) made payable to “The University of British Columbia” with a note on the cheque indicating it’s for the “D. Coffin Bursary”. Please be sure to provide you name and return mailing instructions. Cambridge House will deliver cheques to UBC which will issue charitable donation receipts.
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