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Cambridge House International Inc. and Katusa Research will co-produce the 2018 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference which is the world's largest resource investment conference dedicated to resource exploration.

Investment thought leaders and wealth influencers provide our audiences with valuable insights. C-suite company executives covering every corner of the mineral exploration sector as well as metals, oil & gas, renewable energy, media and financial services companies are available to speak one on one. This is a must-attend for investors and stakeholders in the global mining industry.

Meet and connect with 250+ leading resource & mining companies.

Pre-schedule private 1-on-1 meetings for attendees to connect with business leaders and influencers.

8000+ Attendees and engaged investors

60+ Groundbreaking speakers

250+ Leading public and private resource companies

2018 Topics

Discover your next investment opportunities.

A must-attend event for investors and stakeholders in the global mining industry.

  • Innovation in Mining
  • Cryptocurrency vs. Gold
  • Streaming/Royalties
  • Diamond Investment
  • Golden Triangle
  • West Africa Gold
  • Ecuador Gold
  • Graphite
  • Uranium
  • Abitibi
  • Cobalt
  • Gold


We've got exciting speakers at this years 2018 conference.

James Rickards
Meraglim Inc.
Chief Global Strategist & Best Selling Author
Rick Rule
Director, President and CEO
Sprott US Holdings, Inc.
Frank Holmes
US Global Investors & HIVE Blockchain Solutions
Marin Katusa
Katusa Research
Peter Schiff
Euro Pacific Capital Inc.
Frank Giustra
Fiore Financial Corporation
Brent Cook
Independent Exploration Analyst
Exploration Insights
Doug Casey
Casey Research LLC
David Morgan
The Morgan Report
Peter Spina
President & CEO |
Eira Thomas
Kaminak Gold Corp.
Chris Parry
Equity Guru
Ryan Irvine
KeyStone Financial
Frank Curzio
Founder & CEO
Curzio Research
Nolan Watson
President & CEO
Sandstorm Gold Ltd.
Ed Steer
Gold and Silver Digest & GATA
James Black
Canadian Securities Exchange
Gianni Kovacevic
My Electrician Drives a Porsche? & Exec. Chairman CopperBank
Paul Harris
Mining Journal - Latin America
Cory Fleck
Korelin Economics Report
Mario Osvaldo Capello
Undersecretary of Mining Development
Ministry of Energy and Mining of the Argentine Republic
Adrian Day
Adrian Day Asset Management
David Erfle
Nick Hodge
Outsider Club
Jason Paltrowitz
Executive Vice President, Corporate Services
OTC Markets Group Inc.
Jeffrey Christian
Managing Director
CPM Group
Mickey Fulp
Teeka Tiwari
The Palm Beach Letter
Byron King
The Daily Reckoning
Agora Financial
Bo Polny
Market CYCLE Analysis
Gold 2020 Forecast LLC
Sean Roosen
Chair of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer
Osisko Gold Royalties
Shawn Ryan
Technical Chief Advisor
White Gold Corp.
Darwin Green
Constantine Metal Resources Ltd
Michael Alkin
Founder and Chief Investment Officer
Sachem Cove Partners
Amir Adnani
President & CEO
Uranium Energy Corp. & GoldMining Inc.
Peter Hug
Global Trading Director
Kitco Metals Inc.
Sid Rajeev
Vice President - Head of Research
Fundamental Research Corp.
Kai Hoffmann
Bill Murphy
Daniela Cambone
Kitco News
Dean McPherson
Head of Global Mining
TMX Group
Frik Els
Paul Brink
Senior Vice President, Business Development
Garth Braun
President, CEO and Chairman
Blackbird Energy Inc.
Gary Brown
Senior Vice Presient & Chief Financial Officer
Wheaton Precious Metals
Carolyn Relf
Yukon Geological Survey
Doug Smith
Graphite One Resources
Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse
Trilogy Metals
Greg Beischer
President and Chief Executive Officer
Millrock Resources Inc. and member of the Alaska Minerals Commission
Charles Dumbrille
Partner, Geopolitical Risk
3i Partners
Matthew Gill
White Rock Minerals
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Our Story

Over the past 21 years, Cambridge House has built its resource investment conferences to be the largest and best in the world, focused on mineral exploration. These have been exceptionally strong in attracting retail investors. This partnership with Katusa Research will bring in new professional and institutional investors and speakers from around the world. 

Over the past decade, Marin Katusa, President of Katusa Research, has emerged as a world leader in analyzing resource sectors in both mining and energy and in using his research to manage strongly performing resource funds. During this time, he raised more than $1 billion for the energy and mining sectors. His recently published book, The Colder War, which documents the geopolitical shift of control of mining and energy sectors to the emerging markets, is a New York Times best seller.

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The Facts Matter For Junior Miners

It isn't easy to come by economic deposits of gold these days. As Brent Cook points out in this enlightening presentation, the major gold producers are looking at a major decline in their reserves over the next two decades. The mining business relies on constant exploration to create new...

Mining Shares Could Keep Rising On Global Cues

Legendary investor Jim Rodgers muses that it has never been easy to make money. For those of you that don't know him, he founded the first hedge fund, ever, with a partner named George Soros. This all happened back in the 1970's, right after President Nixon decided to stop redeeming...

Canada Maintains Its Position As Global Leader In Mining Development

When the word 'innovation' is mentioned, the mining industry usually isn't the first sector to come to mind. As veteran mining investor Doug Casey has pointed out, in many ways, the mining industry hasn't moved out of the 19th century. This isn't really the fault of the...
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