In 1999, as a high school student, Timothy Sykes turned $12,415 in bar mitzvah gift money into $100,000. By his senior year in College he had made $2 million in trading profits, shortly after he started a hedge fund.

The hedge fund went on to become the #1 ranked short-bias fund by Barclay for three years, and Tim was named to Trader Monthly’s “Top 30 Under 30” in 2006. Shortly thereafter, Tim appeared in a television documentary series, “Wall Street Warriors.”

As a result of the show’s popularity, Tim’s inbox was flooded with hundreds of daily emails from fans wanting to know more about him and his trading strategy. But as a hedge fund manager, he wasn’t allowed to answer any of them. Fueled by a desire to help everyday investors succeed in the stock markets, Tim walked away from the restricted hedge fund industry and never looked back.

From there, he achieved great success as a small-cap retail trader, wrote openly about his experiences in his best-selling autobiography, “An American Hedge Fund,” and started a publishing company to create brutally honest and highly educational financial newsletters and instructional DVD packages.

Today, Tim has helped over 6,000 students in 70 countries develop the skills and knowledge necessary to forge long-term, successful trading careers.

He also created, a community of over 84,000 traders who openly share their performance and trades (see ALL Tim’s trades here to learn how he turned $12,415 into $4.7 million), and, a community of over 65,000 investors and traders who have reviewed over 25,000 financial products like brokers, blogs, newsletters, websites, financial movies and commentators.

Tim is often featured in major media outlets, including CNN, Larry King, Fox News, CNBC, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Oprah & Friends, Bravo, Steve Harvey, and The New York Times.

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